Zume was initially in the automated pizza-making business powered by robots after which they moved their focus to software, hardware, food packaging, and services for brands. Even with this shift in business strategy, Zume upholds its mission to engineer a more sustainable food system. They revamped their pizza-making robotic fleet to press and mold slurry of agricultural waste into sustainable alternatives and packaging.

Incidentally, 62% of items collected in an international coastal clean-up operation was unfortunately plastics. The current estimates are that there are 150 million tonnes of plastic waste in the ocean bed. Packaging is the major share of leakage. The scenario is so severe that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

The company pulps natural fiber from agricultural waste into take-out containers, cosmetic containers, and any order that comes their way in packaging. They use their recommissioned robots to press and mold the slurry from agricultural waste into uniques shapes at a faster pace.

The hurdles are the waste management system. Zume is using the State Governments to assist in this regard to transport the entire country ahead to reduce the use of plastics and shift to compostable packaging to protect the world at large.

Source: CNBC