Zoox is on a mission to set the bar for safety in autonomous mobility. Zoox states that their purpose-built autonomous vehicles have more than 100 safety innovations that do not even exist in the conventional cars of today. In the overview, Zoox mentions 3 categories of safety innovations in the 2021 Safety Report which are greater driving control, no single point of failure, and rider protection.

Independent braking and active suspension system in each wheel of the vehicle enables tire traction and more controlled weight distribution that helps avoid potential crashes. This results in greater driving control.

Zoox prides itself on the ability of the vehicles to control all four wheels individually which includes control of speed, power, and direction. The vehicle will stay within its desired trajectory inside just a few centimeters. It is bidirectional. Zoox vehicles can navigate in either direction using the steer and drive competence of all four wheels thus eliminating any kind of extra maneuvers.

In this autonomous Robo-Taxi space, Zoox is the first to apply aviation levels of safety in their vehicle architecture eliminating single points of failure in safety-critical systems. In any event of major system failure, the vehicle navigates to a safe place with safe limited abilities. If the battery systems fail, or the power converter malfunctions, an additional layer of redundancy ensures the vehicle pulls over to a safe location, turns on hazard lights, and opens up doors. Further, the vehicle’s self-diagnostics detect fault-states across the vehicle’s hardware, software, and firmware with precision.

Every seat in a Zoox vehicle comes with the same amount of protection, be it rider or passenger seat. The airbag system has different airbag types viz horseshoe curtain, frontal, rear, side head, and seat side airbags which is unique in vehicles. The three-input safety system leverage sensors, switches, and cameras to ensure that all passengers have safely fastened their seat belts, only after which the Zoox vehicle will start operation.

Zoox calls their strategy “Prevent and Protect”, not just engineering safe cars but safest cars. They believe in a shift from reactive to a proactive culture of safety.