Zebra Technologies, a global enterprise mobile computing company that manufactures and sells- tracking, marking, and computer printing technologies, has announced that it aims to acquire Fetch Robotics, An Award-winning Interlogistics automation company, for expanding its growth further.

Zebra Technologies Corporation focuses on retail/e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, public sectors. The company has its headquarters in Illinois.

Zebra Technologies has more than 10,000 partners across 100 countries. Its innovative software called Zebra Fulfilment Edge™ can increase productivity in fulfillment centers by picking 24% more orders with dynamic workflows. It can also integrate any technology and any data source.

Fetch Robotics is a robotics company that offers a wide range of Autonomous mobile robots driven by the cloud for optimized picking in fulfilment and distribution centres. Fetch robotics has its headquarters in California. It has a broad portfolio of autonomous mobile robots deployed for increasing the workflows in warehouses safely.

On Thursday, Zebra Technologies announced that it intends to acquire fetch robotics for $290 million,95% of the Fetch Robotics’ purchase price, Which is $305 million. The deal appears to be closed in the third quarter of 2021. The unique collaboration of Zebra Technologies and Fetch robotics offers a solution to E-commerce’s increasing demands and labor shortage problems.

Zebra Fulfilment Edge™ organizes human workflows with autonomous material movements. It analyzes multiple sources of data, and with the help of light wearables and detailed instructions, it helps the workers pick the products with accuracy and eliminates unproductive cycles. It also directs the fetch robots to various non-picking operations. The integration would increase the picking time by 24% and decrease the onboarding time by 90%.

Anders Gustafsson, Chief Executive Officer of Zebra Technologies, said: “The acquisition of Fetch Robotics will accelerate our Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision and growth in intelligent industrial automation by embracing new modes of empowering workflows and helping our customers operate more efficiently in increasingly automated, data-powered environments.”

Melonee Wise, Chief Executive Officer of Fetch Robotics, said: “The Fetch team is excited to join Zebra and accelerate the adoption of flexible automation through AMRs and our cloud-based robotics platform. Together we have the right team with the right technology to provide end-to-end solutions that solve real customer problems.”

Earlier, Hyundai Motor Group acquired Boston Dynamics to expand its business in the smart mobility market. To meet the increasing demands of the logistics industry, warehouses should adopt automation in their system.