Game Changer Xena 6.0, launched by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC), is a new scavenging robot. It is sleek like a super toy, utilizes solar power to run for seven days, unclogs manholes within 30 seconds, and records the procedure via camera. The sensational machine is designed by a Rajasthan-based firm named Club First Robotics Pvt. Ltd. and is worth Rs. 42 lakh.

In an interview, Dharmesh Rana, Executive Mechanical Engineer at Vadodara Municipal Corporation, says that the traditional method (desilting and super sucker machines) for clearing manholes requires a lot of fuel. However, Xena 6.0 Robot is an electric vehicle that employs solar energy and can be charged electrically. Therefore, Xena 6.0 is a good alternative for energy conservation. Also, he states that the weekly expenditure of about Rs 9,200 is incurred for fuel requirements on Supersuckers and Desilters.

All-terrain GPS-enabled equipment, a donation from Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd., has helped VMC reduce costs on fuel and labor. Bhuvanesh Mishra, the Managing Director of Club First Robotics, talks about how Xena 6.0 can dive into the mud, detect the presence of several gas concentrations, and alert individuals to stay away in case of danger. He further said that for operating the Xena 6.0 Robot, only one person is required, while the traditional machines require manpower of four people.

In addition, it can function in narrow channels that were previously unavailable in the case of bulkier machines. In Vadodara, a single robot has been operating for a few months now without any difficulties. A few days earlier in Vadodara, XENA 6.0 was installed in Surat. As a result, Dharmesh Rana is keen to see what improvements will be brought about by the eco-friendly model. Given that Xena 6 may be used in agricultural and rescue operations, the unique equipment holds immense promise in India’s urban areas.

Highlights of Xena 6.0

  1. Fast cleaning Robotic System
  2. GPS enabled Robot
  3. Maximum sludge collection in a single operation
  4. Consumes less time for cleaning
  5. First in class turbine cleaning technology
  6. Maximum Depth cover up to 10 meter
  7. Maximum lift capacity up to 500 KG
  8. Auto-cleaning system
  9. Noiseless Performance
  10. Biochemical sludge collection stomach
  11. 250 Kg stomach capacity
  12. Remote Monitoring system

The specifications of Xena 6.0

  • Operation Voltage: The machine is rated at 24 Volt DC with solar power.
  • Body Material: It is coated with a frame of 3 mm thick MS duel powder
  • Dimension: The Robot can fit in a box of 1802 x 1243 x 1503 mm (L x W x H)
  • Total Weight: 75 Kg
  • Battery: It has a long-lasting battery power of 40000 Mah LeFePO4 Battery lasts for 12 Hrs running Backup.

Working of Xena 6.0

  • The working of Xena 6.0 replicates the technique of dialysis.
  • There is an attachment that can be dropped into the sludge to collect the waste.
  • Undissolved debris, such as plastic bottles and stones, are then retained, while the rest of the waste is sent to the sewage system.
  • All of the filtered waste is collected in a storage tray and subsequently transferred to a garbage dump.