Velodyne Lidar Inc., a powerful Lidar solutions provider, announced its world safety summit on autonomous technology. Experts from industry, government, press, and academia will unite at the conference to promote awareness of autonomous technology and decipher its safety benefits.

The virtual event will occur on November 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon PDT, and it is entirely open to the public. Charlie Vogelheim, who has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, will host the summit. Laura Chace, CEO of ITS America, and Keely Griffith, Director of Industry Education-AUVSI, will be the moderators.

For many people, the events of the previous year have redefined what it means to be safe. The panel discussions will look at how safety is about more than just preventing immediate human harm, and it’s also about establishing the foundation for future generations’ security by building a sustainable and efficient infrastructure.

  1. PAVE is sponsoring the session: AVs Beyond AI: Ensuring Safety at the System Level
  2. ITSA is sponsoring The Role of Smart Infrastructure Solutions to Achieve Vision Zero
  3. AUVSI is funding The Future of Industry – Robots Tackling the Dull, Dirty, and Dangerous.

The installation of Lidar systems in autonomous vehicles increases safety by reducing the risk of collision. Earlier, Velodyne Lidar has published a white paper to insist on the importance of Lidar Systems for Autonomous Vehicles to Ensure Pedestrians Safety in the Dark.

According to Christina Aizcorbe, Vice President of Government Affairs at Velodyne Lidar, the future summit will analyze a broader cross-section of automation, concentrating on public infrastructure and advanced robotics in addition to mobility safety.

She said that the adoption of intelligent transportation systems in cities and states and the advent of new technologies to assist environmental and human sustainability are exciting to the autonomous solutions community. They’re delighted to see how these advancements in safety, sustainability, and efficiency address the dynamic requirements of a constantly changing world.

Velodyne Lidar is a renowned provider of Lidar Technology. The company’s headquarters is located in San Jose, California. Velodyne Lidar is a company that focuses on safe mobility. Velodyne Lidar works along with various industries, including Drone/UAV, smart city, and mapping.