I am a millennial who was lucky enough to be born in an age of very little technology. People relied on people, and trust was the governing factor. As a kid, I believed the world would never change.

But that was not true. Things around me started changing from the late ’90s. Larger TVs changed to thinner ones. From one national channel, we started watching many satellite channels. Wired phones changed to mobile phones. Computers and the Internet jumped in. In a decade, the environment changed.

My introduction to Robots came from the Hollywood movie “iRobots.” It was fun. I still thought it wouldn’t happen for real, and 2050 is too far.

I think millennial’s could relate to what I am saying. For others, you may have to check with your parents or senior friends.

My job in information technology forced me to learn a lot of things. I have to accept that I was fascinated by how technology has improved speed, cost, and convenience. I have to agree that technology has a better influence on the next generation than on us.

How many of you have read about the 4th Industrial revolution? I was aware of it from one of the videos from the World Economic Forum where it says, “The 4th Industrial Revolution is not changing what we are doing. It changes us.”

It has been almost 3+ years since I saw the video. But this statement keeps lingering in my mind. I keep searching for what it would change: both online and offline.

I believe awareness is the key to knowledge, and discussion will move us further. I am happy to share and discuss my findings and ideas on Robots, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, 5G, Driverless Cars, Drones, etc.

I appreciate your comments, but I will only respond if it is genuine and relevant.