Waymo, An American Autonomous Driving company, has announced its opening of the Robo Taxi service in San Francisco.

Waymo has launched its one trusted tester program, allowing San Franciscans to test force all-electric Jaguar I-pace automobiles geared up with Waymo’s 5th-technology Waymo driving force.

In early 2009, when it finished its first 1,000 self-sustaining miles throughout California, Waymo had driven the duration and breadth of the region, turning into in detail familiar with the many specific driving challenges in San Francisco and the encircling area.

With the trusted tester program, Riders can go anywhere in the initial serviceable area. During the ride, there would be an autonomous specialist on board. Riders can avail themselves of pick-up and drop-up options through the Waymo One app. The testing program started initially by offering riding services to employees of Waymo earlier.

Through the Waymo App, You can add multiple points during your trip and get things done.

Riding in an Autonomous Vehicle gives you a quiet ambiance that will be comfortable to finish your work during the ride. The AV also offers multiple facilities, such as an option for identifying your vehicle for the ride and music streaming options by directly connecting your phone. Also, it is to be noted that Waymo has partnered with Ryder to improve its autonomous truck service in the country.

Waymo has stated that their Trusted Tester program would help San Francisco residents expand their mobility options while complementing the city’s robust public transportation infrastructure, and they are committed to ensuring that their ride-hailing service is accessible for people with disabilities, both in their autonomous vehicles and in rides provided through their ride-hailing service.

They are launching their Trusted Tester program with riders of all mobility levels, and those who require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can hail directly from the Waymo One app while also providing critical feedback on their experience.

Waymo is an Autonomous Driving company that has its headquarters in California, United States. It is a subsidiary company of Alphabet Inc., Which is a parent company of Google.