Walmart – the American Multinational retail corporation with Symbotic – an A.I.- Powered supply chain technology company, announced an extended commercial agreement to employ Symbotic’s robotics and software automation platform in all 42 of Walmart’s regional distribution centers over the forthcoming years.

The software-enabled high-density robotics platform plays a vital role in supporting the goal of Walmart to revamp its vast supply chain network, enabling the retailer to transform its regional distribution centers to provide a quicker response in serving their customers. This technology’s ability to build packed loads of department-sorted inventory facilitates Walmart to acquire products onto shelves at its more than 4700 outlets faster and makes the critical work of material handling safer. It also generates new,tech-enabled jobs, such as cell operators and maintenance technicians supporting the economy and people.

The Symbotic System is a one-of-a-kind automation technology platform with numerous business applications. The company reimagined the traditional warehouse with an end-to-end system powered by a fleet of fully autonomous robots and artificial intelligence-powered software. The system improves efficiency, accuracy, and agility while lowering costs when combined with a unique high-density physical structure. Intelligent Symbotic software directs a team of robots to receive, store, and retrieve an almost infinite number of SKUs. 

Walmart has already begun integrating Symbotic’s technology into selected regional distribution centers across its network. Earlier, Walmart entered into an agreement with symbotic to implement symbotic robots in 25 distribution centers of Walmart, and the current agreement is an extension of that. The retrofitting of all 42 regional distribution centers seems to take eight years or more.

Symbotic is a leader in automation technology, redefining the supply chain with its end-to-end, AI-powered robotic and software platform. Symbotic redesigns the warehouse as a strategic asset for the world’s largest retail, wholesale, and food and beverage companies. The company has its headquarters in Wilmington, MA.