Volta Trucks has recently signed an agreement with Steyr Automotive to begin manufacturing its fully electric Volta Zero in Austria by the end of 2022.

Volta Trucks is a leading full-electric vehicle manufacturer and service provider. Volka Truck has its offices located in three countries, including the UK, France, and Sweden. Additionally, they have also successfully partnered with leaders globally in the supply chain to produce Volta Zero.

Recently, they have confirmed that the fully electric Volta vehicles will be manufactured in Austria by Steyr Automotive. Volta has launched the world’s first full-electric 16 ton vehicle. This vehicle is designed for innocuity logistics and reduces the environmental impact of right deliveries in city centers.

With the announcement of their partnership with Steyr Automotive, Volta Trucks have also shared their road to zero-emission strategy. Volta Zero will be designed from the ground up with an operating speed electric range of 150 to 200 km. The production is expected to commence by the end of 2022, thereby eliminating approximately 1.2 M tonnes of Co2 by 2025.

Aerial View of Steyr Automotive

Volta Zero has the lowest seat height, and this makes it different from conventional trucks. With no internal combustion engine, the drivers get a glasshouse-style cap design that offers a vast 220 degrees of visibility, minimizing dangerous blind spots.

The removal of the internal combustion engine has enabled the designers and engineers to reimagine conventional truck design principles completely. The driver’s comfort has been optimized by minimizing cognitive overload.

The driver has to sit in a low and central position, thereby eliminating blind spots and mirroring the pedestrians’ eye-line and other road users for easy visual communication. The cabin is very spacious, contemporary with intuitive user interfaces. And it has been designed in such a way that it is considered the safest commercial vehicle that protects vulnerable road users and has also been a very important contributor in making their vision of zero-emission cities come true.

To create sustainable cities, the team believes in a zero-emission powertrain that eliminates harmful pollution gases that cause climate change. They go beyond exhaust emissions with near carbon-neutral vehicle components and constant drive to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain and manufacturing footprint.

The partnership between Steyr and Volta trucks will create job opportunities for 500 people and 2000 new positions in the future.