Vecna Robotics announces Latest Cloud Release Delivers Industry’s Fastest and Safest Autonomous Mobile Robots.

The release provides extraordinary performance along with a top speed of 3 m/s, 50% quicker interactions, Free space Reasoning, and enhanced safety standards that comply with the American National Standards Institute B56.5 and Robotics Industries Association R15.08safety standards.

The new performance enhancements are the result of Vecna Robotics’ ongoing efforts to improve vehicle performance using data gathered over time via its proprietary PivotalTM orchestration engine. Pivotal assigns work to robot fleets based on real-time demand, resource availability, and proximity and collect production floor performance metrics.

Vecna Robotics has broken the speed barrier in the materials handling industry by introducing the fastest robot fleet. The Mark 3 software release, when combined with Vecna Robotics’ best-in-class navigation, more than doubles robot performance without compromising safety.

According to Daniel Theobald, founder and chief innovation officer of Vecna Robotics, the last 18 months have witnessed a surge in demand for AMRs such as autonomous forklifts, but adoption has been stymied by both safety concerns and performance-driven ROI. The software release alleviates these concerns by providing the best AMR performance and safety unequivocally in the industry.

The resulting data can be used for a better interpretation of robot performance and behavior. Developers apply this data to update the software and push over-the-air updates to the robots in real-time, enabling the robots to operate smarter and faster than ever before. Customers can benefit from its increased fleet efficiency, faster ROI, and expanded applications for automation solutions.

The AMRs from Vecna Robotics is the only self-driving forklifts with path planning and obstacle avoidance. Furthermore, they are the only pallet-handling AMRs capable of deploying cloud-driven updates for immediate in-field performance improvements. Customers can benefit from the Mark 3 release whether they are deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Vecna Robotics, headquartered in Massachusetts, is the world’s leading autonomous mobile robot company.