The Tokyo Olympics has kickstarted successfully amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The one thing that remains constant in the Olympics is the Mascot and as usual, it has stolen the whole show. But this time it has some exciting new features. And the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has introduced the Toyota Robot Mascots named Miraitowa and Someity.

Created by Japanese artist “Ryo Taniguchi” and developed by Toyota Motor Corporation, the Mascot Robots are designed with indigo blue and pink colors keeping in mind the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Emblem which has the infusion of both Japanese culture and modern innovation as well.

Toyota has partnered with the Olympics event to showcase its unique robotic technology and make it reach an audience worldwide.

The Miraitowa Mascot has been designed for the Tokyo Olympics. Its name comes from the Japanese word “miral” which means “future” and towa meaning “eternity”.

The Someity mascot is specially designed for the Paralympic. Its name comes from “Somei Yoshino”, a type of cherry blossom popular in Japan. Someity represents the strength and the willpower of the athletes who overcame all the obstacles that came their way to be where they are right now.

The mascot robots were designed with a strong purpose to promote and advertise the Olympics. What started as an entertaining element for kids has now become an integral part of the tournament as well.

The mascot robots can greet people in Japanese style. They have also showcased their skills and knowledge about wheelchair basketball and rugby in a quiz as well. They are designed to greet people when they call out their names and can even wave goodbye. They can not only understand words in Japanese and English but also can deliver different facial expressions.

Both the mascot robots have some jaw-dropping features including cameras that are mounted on their heads. The best part about the camera is that they help them in recognizing and identifying people nearby and greet them. They both will greet and cheer the athletes during the tournament as well and can also move their hands and legs, dance, wave at the athletes, shake hands, give flying kisses, tilt their heads and express different emotions through their digital eyes just like humans.

The best part about Miraitowa is it can seamlessly switch between the digital world and the real world through the power of teleportation and cutting-edge technology.

Someity is nothing less, it has two sensory antennas that can receive and send messages telepathically. Adding on to that, Someity is well equipped with a flying feature as well.

As Matt Mullenweg rightly said, technology is best when it brings people together. Adhering to that, the Mascots have brought people from different countries together, who have expressed their liking and views about the Mascots on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram after its launch.

Isn’t it amazing how technology and new inventions surprise us every day?