Telia, a Swedish-based Multinational company that expands its 5G networks across several countries, has announced its partnership with Ekobot Robotic company for the Ekobot, Robots that can function through 5G to remove weeds in Agricultural farms.

Unlike the Robots that zap weeds using electricity, Ekobot, with the help of superior digital camera sensors and AI, can pick out and dispose of weeds that can help farmers by decreasing their reliance on pesticides, which can be harmful to the surroundings.

The robot is self-sustained and automatically removes weeds. The future is in the data collected by the robot, which farmers can then use to analyze and create a precision farming technique.

Effectual sensors mounted on the robot, such as multispectral cameras and soil probes, generate a large amount of data, which can be analyzed in cloud services before being returned to the robot and made available to farmers. The robot can also be remotely controlled, which necessitates real-time data feeds. Overall, this compels a strong, dependable, and secure connectivity solution. These requirements can be fulfilled by 5G, which has unique properties such as low latency and high bandwidth.

The Agro Robots market is estimated to reach USD 20.3 billion by 2025.

Magnus Leonhardt, Head of Innovation, Telia Sweden, said that For several years now, they have explored how 5G can be deployed in various industries, from production to healthcare. And the partnership offers them treasured insights into the thrilling world of farming wherein technology performs an essential function in sustainable improvement. We accept that the mixture of 5G and automation in precision farming has a lot of potentials.

Erik Jonuks, CEO at Ekobot, said Telia is the ideal companion for Ekobot. They are in charge of the 5G rollout in Sweden and have the expertise and generation to connect, reveal, and remotely steer the robot via the 5G network in real-world farming conditions. With the advancement of precise information in agrotech and the Axis video era, they can take critical steps forward in industrializing and scaling the solution.

This is a collaboration between Ekobot, Telia, RISE, a research institute, and aggrotech specialist and network video leaders Axis Communications to investigate how communication between the robot and the mobile network works in real-world conditions and what this means for the technical solution.

The pilot to connect, monitor, and remotely control the robot via the 5G network was conducted on a farm outside of the Swedish city of Västers.

Ekobot is a Leading Agrorobotics Company that has its headquarters in Sweden. Telia is a Sweden-based Telecommunications company that has over 20,800 employees.