Industrial Robots are no new to someone who follows robotics, especially when it comes to warehouse and logistics. BionicHIVE, an Israeli-based company, has developed a fully automated robot called the SqUID.

I think the orange and black color, the tubular body is why it’s called the SqUID. Also, it is not a lonely robot. But a fleet of logistics robots that is capable of adapting to any customer facility.

BionicHive is not trying to sell a robot but a complete solution that can adapt to any existing warehouse. There will be no need to change the facility, shelving, or operation.

SqUID is fully autonomous with 3-dimensional movement and can learn problems using smart real-time data analysis. Movement on the ground is possible through image processing of QR codes to identify pathways and avoid obstacles. The unique guided rails help them to climb vertically and move horizontally to locate the products. The specially designed robotic arms with suction cups make it easy to handle the products from the pallet box to the rack and vice versa.

This system complies with the universal safety standards to ensure the safety of human-robot collaboration (HRC). Also, the SqUID robots are capable of learning seamlessly and improvise performance using Machine Learning.

“The robot future is coming,” said Elon Musk, tweeted watching one of the videos of SqUID.

A recent report from the Business Research Company has estimated that the global warehousing and storage market – is expected to reach $627.5 billion in 2025. Companies have already started to rearrange their operations after the COVID-19 impact. They mainly focus on using Big Data analytics to plan, maximize workflow, improve warehouse floor utilization and operational efficiency.

It looks like BionicHIVE has already on the track pioneering a competitive solution with SqUID.