Spot Robot joins its counterparts ANYmal and Jueuing X20 to perform inspection jobs at potentially hazardous industrial zones and ensure employee safety. In an official press release, Hyundai Motor Group has said that the Spot Robot is deployed to ensure Kia’s plant safety in South Korea.

The announcement came after Boston Dynamics released the Spot 3.0 update with enhanced autonomy, AI data capture, and enterprise integrations.

It is equipped with an integrated thermal camera and 3D LiDAR that allows Spot to recognize people around it, monitor high-temperature states and potential fire hazards, and determine whether a door is open or closed.

Also, it can be remotely operated through a secure webpage that gives a Livestream of its actions throughout the plant, enabling office personnel to perceive industrial areas from afar. The AI-powered robot can recognize threats and send signals to managers via the webpage.

The quadruped robot is fabricated with navigation technologies that enable autonomous patrolling within industrial site environments, recognize secluded spaces that are tricky to see with the human eye, and even operate through confined spaces. 

AI and Deep learning-based vision technologies help Spot recognize people and a thermal camera to discover high-temperature risks. Obstacle avoidance and examining door openings are made possible with LiDAR systems.

Hyundai Group has deployed Spot to help late-night security patrols and build a safer environment for workers during the pilot performance at Kia’s plant in South Korea. The Group will also go over the robot’s proof of concept and assess its effectiveness and applicability before extending its patrol areas and analyzing supplementary deployment to other industrial sites.