Boston Dynamics‘ Spot Robot challenges the famous K-pop band – BTS with its signature moves to celebrate Hyundai’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics is a US-based Engineering and Robotics design company with the mission to develop advanced robots that function in dangerous environments. Spot and Atlas are the trending products of Boston Dynamics. Spot Robot, which resembles a dog, automates sensing and inspection and captures unlimited data. Atlas is a dynamic humanoid robot developed to assist humans in Natural and Human-made disasters.

Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics by obtaining an 80 per cent stake of the company from Softbank Robotics at $1.1 billion. Hyundai took this huge step to advance its position as a smart mobility solution provider. The merger appears to strengthen Hyundai’s vision – ‘progress for humanity’.

To celebrate its successful acquisition of Boston Dynamics, Hyundai released a video recently in which the Spot robot challenges the BTS band with its dance moves.

Hyundai has also released another video in which seven-spot robots, dancing to the popular BTS band song, “IONIQ: I’m On It.” In its recent blog post, Boston Dynamics shared the Behind scenes post, showcasing the dance routine of the Spot robot.

To make the Spot swirl in rhythm, Hyundai has applied choreography software that involves precise programming without using the robot’s in-built sensors or obstacle avoiding algorithms usually used to complete a task. The company also worked with Monica Thomas, a professional choreographer, to frame Spot moves. She also choreographed other videos of robot dances for the company.

Eric Whitman, a Boston Dynamics roboticist, said:

“Everything had to be worked out in advance and scripted precisely.”

Marc Raibert, founder and chairman of Boston Dynamics, said:

“An athletic performance like dance stresses the mechanical design of the robot, and it also stresses the algorithms in the software”.

The company also mentioned that the choregrapher software is publicly available and used in the other Boston dynamic robots for entertainment purposes already. The last video released by the company went viral and got more than 32 million views on youtube. The video showcases the fun side of these robots after the controversy with Newyork police department.