Softbank Robotics has partnered with Keenon Robotics company to generate service robots that run indoors. This global launch follows the announcement made at the SoftBank World event on September 15th, 2021, that SoftBank Robotics is collaborating with Keenon Robotics on a global strategic partnership.

Keenbot by Keenon Robotics will be introduced in key SBRG markets, starting with Singapore and Japan and progressing to Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. The Keenbot solution is equipped with multi-point delivery modes and can deliver four dishes at once, making it ideal for the service industry.

As part of its workflow processes, the robot has an intelligent scheduling system, obstacle avoidance, a flexible structure, and a speed limit in smart zones, making it the ideal technology to use in tandem with human capabilities. With the current disruption caused by pandemic-induced lockdowns, business adoption of robotics will transform tasks, jobs, and skills.

Keenon Robotics, Tony Li, Chief Executive Officer, said that they are proud to partner with SoftBank Robotics, the leader in the robotics solutions industry. He added that technology is an affordable solution to work along with humans due to the rising labor charges. KeenBot is an example of such a solution to provide super performance in tasks with precision.

Softbank Robotics and Keenon Robotics will collaborate to increase the use of robotics systems in the service industry, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Service robots can offer high operational efficiency that can help businesses to focus on providing better customer service.