French food supply and facility management company Sodexo has partnered with KiwiBot to deliver food using Delivery Robots. Since August, Robotic food transportation has opened on three university campuses in the United States.

Clients can access the KiwiBot delivery service through the SODEXO FOOD delivery application called Bite+. KiwiBot and Sodexo fostered a subscription-based program to provide services to all customers within the Sodexo service location and all items that fit within a robot.

Robot Fleet offers food at New Mexico State University, Loyola Marymount University, California, and Gonzaga University, Washington. Using the application, anyone can use their services. They claim $2 plus 10% of the size of the order for each delivery.

KiwiBots have an adorable design. They can operate safely on the pedestrian path without causing hindrance to the public. They are the fastest and cheaper medium for delivery. KiwiBots carry your orders directly from the restaurant, and you will get a push notification when the order arrives.

KiwiBots are safe as only you can open the robot using the Bite+ app and fetch the delivery. They are well sanitized after each delivery to ensure hygiene. The robotic fleets work round the clock to enable food delivery at any time.

Due to the rising demand for no-contact delivery, The number of food delivery robots is increasing. Earlier, Yandex has partnered with Grubhub to deliver food to university campuses in the US.

Similarly, Starship Technologies has deployed its autonomous fleet to cater food to the campus of the University of Nevada.

Aurelia Valot, Sodexo’s VP of Digital Transformation and Innovation, stated that their company is excited to expand its robot food delivery service with KiwiBot and provide customers with a safe, convenient, contactless, and innovative solution.

According to Felipe Chávez Cortés, CEO and co-founder of KiwiBot, It is just the beginning of their offerings to college students to test out the latest in robotic food delivery to universities across the United States. Sodexo delivery service is already offering KiwiBot food delivery service at the university campus in Denver.

Sodexo is a hospitality company that has its headquarters in France. It offers more than 100 Services, and it serves in 64 countries worldwide. Kiwi campus owns kiwi bots. It is a Colombian-based startup company that has its headquarters in Berkeley. It functions to develop delivery robots.

Source: Accesswire