Small Robot Company, A Revolutionary Agrorobotics company, has launched its crowd cube crowdfunding campaign and has achieved its target of £2 million at the launch. The company has acquired a total of £9 million funding to date.

Small Robotics Company has formerly overfunded three Crowdcube campaigns, raising £4.3 million. With the aid of 274 and 298 percent, the company’s previous rounds got oversubscribed, respectively.

Inside the latest investment spherical, The employer has raised £1.1 million in less than forty-eight hours via the Crowdcube fairness crowdfunding campaign. The government’s future Fund scheme Matches with it. It ended in a total of £2.2 million in a hit investment.

The company has engaged its raised funding to enhance its developments further. It’s involved in Speeding up the time to the market and carrying out new hires. It has top-skilled and renowned persons for the leading positions.

Sam Watson-Jones, the co-founder of the Small Robot Company, said that the Launching fully funded is a clear indication that Small Robot Company’s investors see the trajectory the company is involved in. They had not anticipated such a resounding success in their wildest dreams.

He added- that it’s inspiring to see how much support there is for agricultural innovation and that it feels like the time has come for these technologies to make a difference. That outpouring of support demonstrates the enormous appetite for AgroBots – and the demand from farmers. They are now fully prepared for the next stage: commercial delivery.

Small robotics’ -Tom, Dick, and Harry robots help cut out the chemical pesticides and assist in zap weeds with the help of electricity. It can effectively help reduce the damage caused to the soil.

Small Robot Company has now raised £9 million in total funding, including £4.4 million from previous Crowdcube rounds and £1.56 million from government Innovate UK grants. It includes an £800,000 grant for its artificial intelligence mapping technology, named ‘Wilma.’ This was one of the big single agri-tech grants made through Innovate UK’s innovation scheme in two years.

Small Robot Company is a UK-based agro robotics company. They specialize in creating a new model, which is highly profitable for Per Plant Farming. They are leading Greentech relentlessly to reduce the emission caused by the cultivation.