Seoul Robotics is a 3D computer vision robotics company that builds 3D sensors for LiDAR, imaging radar, and 3D cameras created with perception software using AI, promoting the future of robotics, smart cities, and mobility. Recently, it ventured into a partnership with Hypertech Advanced Systems, an Israel-based company.

This partnership is said to fast-track LiDAR and 3D sensor technologies integrated into live detection, retail analytics, traffic safety, smart cities with its 70+ sensors. The software called SENSR, Seoul Robotics’ proprietary software, can accurately provide real-time results. Its applications are in ADAS, delivery robots, and autonomous vehicles.

On 19th July 2021, Seoul Robotics launched Voyage, an all-in-all plug-in kit with SENSR2 software installed, LiDAR sensors, and a computer that gives real-time results the instant it is connected. With the efficiency of the software, the Voyage empowers organizations and communities to be cost-efficient and customizable.

The LiDAR market per se is booming, with numerous players using its technology in the autonomous vehicle sector. But the sensors are without any intelligence. Hence companies have to develop their software which ends up in high costs and delayed deployment.

Plug-and-play LiDAR solutions Voyage provides centimeter-accurate object tracking under whatever lighting conditions, detection, retail analytics, crowd monitoring, security, intelligent transportation systems, and classification capabilities for smart-city applications.

The 3D LiDAR sensor powered by SENSR2 is the best in the industry. This perception software executes instant analytics of data with minimum burden and ease of integration at long ranges and high resolution. LiDAR solutions anonymous scan and analysis fully protects people’s privacy since no data is either saved, stored, or seen when installed, especially when it is part of different smart-cities and security systems of sensor-covered zones. This robotic system paves its way into diverse areas of applications.

Seoul Robotics Voyage is within reach all over the world. Currently, it is deployed in top-tier companies like BMW, Emart, Chattanooga Department of Transportation, Mercedes-Benz, to name a few.