Scythe Robotics, a startup from Longmont, Colorado has launched an autonomous grass mowing robot that works non-stop for 50,000 hours.

No noise, no fumes, power without pollution machine launched by Scythe Robotics is a state-of-the-art autonomous grass moving robot that works 50,000 hours non-stop. Up until now, we have had machines that were too loud and air polluting, gas-powered that worked in limited spaces. Scythe Robotics has reinvented machines that are intelligent, an outdoor pollution-free all-electric machine that works at enormous scales. In turn, it protects and nurtures our planet earth.

A robotics company, with a mission to deliver sustainable autonomous technology to maintain off-shore environments and provide safe, effective, and responsible land mower machines is Scythe Robotics. This autonomous commercial land mower targets the landscaping segment and is not a robot that zaps weed in farms.

The robot mower has a deck of 52” tri-blade rear discharge, 2xLTE + wifi connectivity, and a 20HP drive power. It maneuvers with ease on slopes, cuts patterns automatically keeping the grass neat and healthy. Hiring labor for businesses is a constant struggle year after year and also now during the pandemic. The mower works on its own leaving the crew to use the time for the upkeep of the rest of the landscape. Not a blade of grass gets missed with its redundant 360-degree sensors, 8XHDR cameras, 2XIMU, GNSS, and 12xelectronic sensors. The rear discharge deck and the advanced AI offers utmost safety from damage to property and obstacles that come in its way. No fuel and battery that lasts all day only to be charged at night, reduces costs by thousands.

The company’s business model is to accept fees by the acre for the use of the robot mower. It would not be justifiable to make the customer buy a product that rapidly changes its technology. Scythe takes care of the maintenance, repairs of the machine, and replacement of spare parts when it is in self-driving mode.

Scythe Robotics is presently working on self-operating machines to handle aeration and application of fertilizer.

Source: Denver Post