Sarcos Robotics, a Global Technology leader, has partnered with Pine Environmental to distribute their Guardian® S Remote Visual Inspection and Surveillance Robot across the US And Canada.

Guardian S is the premier surveillance and Inspection Robot. It has a robust design and weighs around 17 lb (8 kg) approximately. It has two-way real-time video, voice, and data communication. It can aid in Public safety applications by giving tactical situational awareness, detecting dangerous items, and transmitting Critical intelligence. It can collect data from a distance, and therefore it is used in HAZMAT Applications and Inspection Applications.

According to an IDC Technology Spotlight published in November 2019, transforming asset performance management, including facility and equipment inspections, would result in significant improvements in critical areas such as 20% higher asset uptime, 15%-20% lower maintenance labor costs, and 8%-10% higher mechanical efficiencies. The Inspection Robot market size seems to grow swiftly by 2024.

Scott Hopper, Executive VP of Corporate and Business Development, Sarcos Robotics, stated that Pine Environmental is famous for its expansive attain inside North America and its full-size device stock and that they’re very excited to start off the partnership, through which they wish to increase the productiveness of an excellent form of clients requiring far-flung inspection and surveillance capabilities, while concurrently casting off people from doubtlessly risky situations.

Sarcos has an extended history of offering Progressive Robotics Technology to various industries, said Mike McGettigan, Chief business Officer of Pine Environmental. This top-rate, differentiated remotely-operated Robotics tool will drastically benefit Pine’s customers, and they may be thrilled to offer it as part of Pine’s Portfolio.

The Guardian S Robot will be available for rent at Pine Environmental stores in the United States and Canada. Pine stands out for having a large inventory of test and measurement equipment in their North American facilities. The firm also offers technical and application assistance for its products.

Sarcos Robotics is a leading developer of Robotics and Microelectromechanical systems. It had its headquarters in Saltlake City, United States. Its mission is to strengthen industries with the power of Robotics.