Earlier this year, Samsung Electronics unveiled the Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum at the CES 2021. It is claimed to be the world’s first robot vacuum that has a 3D active stereo-type sensor powered by Intel’s artificial intelligence that offers accurate and efficient cleaning. The company has officially announced the global launch of Jet Bot AI+ starting today.

The present robot vacuum’s in the market have issues cleaning smaller particles on the floor and get stuck simply on smaller obstacles. However, Samsung says that they have set a benchmark in object recognition with its new Jet Bot AI+. The robot vacuum uses active stereo-type 3D sensors to scan a wide area and avoids hard to detect objects on the floor. Also, its 3D depth camera can identify objects as small as 1cm what prevents the robot vacuum from being stuck on its way of cleaning.

Intel’s artificial intelligence allows the Jet AI+ to recognize objects and classify between appliances and furniture. It also detects your kid’s toys to do some extra cleaning near them while avoiding delicate items like porcelain vases and glassware. It may not cause a mess by smartly decides to keep a safe distance from your pet poop and electrical cables.

Jet Bot AI+ also comes with a LiDAR sensor to calculate the size of the room and make it work even in low-lit areas. Its Intelligent Power Control varies the suction power based on the surface type and amount of dust to give the best cleaning experience. There is quite a low chance for the dust to get back to the atmosphere as it gets trapped inside a secure 2.5L dust bag. The robot vacuum parks itself in the workstation after cleaning. You can wash the filters and all the parts to keep the hygiene of your home.

You can control the robot vacuum while away from home using the SmartThings app and get a live cleaning report. Also, you can schedule cleaning to single or multiple rooms and specify the no-go zones as well. The patrol mode in the app allows you to monitor the room through end-to-end encrypted live stream video images.

Jet Bot AI+ responds to voice commands and can update you on the latest news and weather forecasts.

If you are in the US or Europe, you can expect Jet Bot AI+ to hit the stores this month while users of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and CIS regions during the end of this year.