Consigli, a fourth-generation construction company, has announced that Rugged Robotics has completed its Full-scale pilot test on its job site.

Rugged Robotics, founded by a registered P.E. and a NASA engineer, tackles the challenge of field layout in its first product.

Traditionally, field layout is done by hand, using tape measures, chalk lines, and surveying equipment to mark the location of walls and mechanical systems. Rugged Robotics automates this process by drawing fully coordinated designs directly on concrete floors with small robotic vehicles. Construction workers can print much more information than is typically seen on a manual layout, reducing the time spent reviewing plans and, as a result, conducting faster, more accurate installations. It also aids in the elimination of potential oversights and errors during the manufacturing process.

Rugged Robotics Rovers were recently tested at Cambridge Crossing – Parcel H, where Consigli is constructing the new headquarters for Sanofi, one of Massachusetts’ largest life science employers.

Rugged delivered a multi-trade layout on six floors covering more than 240,000 square feet at Parcel H. Their automated layout improved coordination, reduced errors, and saved significant time on the front end. Consigli has released the demonstration video on its Twitter account.

Due to their benefits, Construction Robotics has high scope in the upcoming days. Earlier, we also saw Toggle Construction Robotics had raised $8M in Series A funding, and Brokk 800S, America’s largest Demolition Robot, has set its foot in New York.

According to Derrick Morse, co-founder, and CEO of Rugged Robotics, Consigli believes in their solution, and the two companies are working together to improve the construction industry. As someone obsessed with the construction industry, being inside the field and working with the Consigli group has been fascinating.

Jack Moran, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, and Consigli’s Director of VDC and Integrated Services said At Consigli, their leadership and technology teams are always looking for ways to make construction projects more accurate and efficient and maximize the allocation of resources on each site. They see technology as a way to support their workforce and meet the future’s construction demands. Rugged Robotics proved its value with an automated tool that exceeded their expectations and worked in synergy with their team.

As Rugged Robotics refines, implements, and scales its solution, Consigli and Rugged Robotics continue to work. There are already plans for future Consigli initiatives that will make use of Robots!