Are you ready to integrate Intelligent Functions into your Eyewear with the new Xiaomi Smart Glasses? Xiaomi is leveling up its game in the domain of wearable technology. Previously, Xiaomi surprised fans with its quadruped robot called CyberDog that possesses incredible speed, agility, and range of movements.

One of the other intelligent devices introduced by Xiaomi also includes ROIDMI EVE Plus, which is a fantastic 2 in 1 robot vacuum that cleans and eliminates 99.99 percent of germs from your home.

The global techno leader has now unveiled the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, Xiaomi’s first brand new smart wearable device.

Features of Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi Smart Glasses is equipped with MicroLED optical waveguide technology to combine imaging systems and sensors in traditional glass designs. MicroLED imaging technology helps to minimize the design space and total weight of the device.

The MicroLED display accurately transfers light beams to the human eyes through the microscopic grid structure of the optical waveguide lens, by the optical waveguide technology refracts rays at 180°.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses can display, call, navigate, capture, and translate texts just before your eyes using augmented reality (AR). The smart eyewear design from Xiaomi weighs just 51g.

The display of the chip in Xiaomi Smart Glasses is just 2.4mm x2.02 mm. The display size is approximately the size of a rice grain, and each pixel is 4μm.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi chose a monochromatic display solution that allows sufficient light through complicated optical structures before reaching the eye even in harsh direct sunlight and is said to achieve a high level of brightness of around 2 million nits.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses are built using a total of 497 components. The eye band over the ears is thick as it is loaded with sensors and communication units.

It can perform independent tasks like navigation, capture pictures, act as a teleprompter, and deliver text and photo translations in real-time. Xiaomi Smart Glasses are also supposed to minimize interventions at inconvenient times and at the same time provide crucial information.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses support XiaoAI AI assistant for voice commands which is the primary way of interacting.

The new glasses contain an incorporated dual beamforming microphone and speaker that allows telephone calls. Additionally, Xiaomi Smart Glasses can provide highways and maps in real-time to keep your eyes on the road for 100% safety and convenience.

On Xiaomi Smart Glasses, there is a 5-megapixel camera that is integrated for taking photographs and translating text which could be highly beneficial when traveling.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi Smart Glasses also can transcribe audio into text in real-time with the help of a built-in microphone and proprietary translating algorithm.

Additional features include a Quad-core ARM processor, a contact pad, along Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. Xiaomi reports that the Smart Glasses are running on the Android OS.

Though Xiaomi Smart Glasses could resemble ordinary glasses, it exceeds other existing smart glasses with all the above functions.

Xiaomi – The Big Techno Giant is a Leading AI + IoT Platform

After being one of the world’s leading smartphone companies with a Rank No. 2 in sales of smartphones in the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi has also established itself as the world’s leading consumer AI + IoT platform. About 374.5 million smart devices have been connected to its platform until June 30, 2021; this excludes smartphones and laptops. Currently, Xiaomi products are distributed in more than 100 countries and regions globally.

How can Xiaomi Smart Glasses help?

Just like smartphones, Smart Glasses are becoming the trend to ease out our daily tasks. These smart eyeglasses by Xiaomi can be used in various fields like the healthcare industry to improve patient care, for everyday use by consumers, transporters, and cab drivers to avoid using smartphones while driving, and many more. It can also be used in warehouses, tech support, construction, and GPS navigation.

Xiaomi consistently trails innovation, high-quality user experience, and operational efficiency. The company constantly creates extraordinary items with fair costs to enable everyone to enjoy a better life worldwide through new technology.

The details on Xiaomi Smart Glasses’ pricing and availability are not yet disclosed. It is expected that Chinese users will be the first to experience before the rest of the world.