Robomart has announced its launch of self driving Snacks and pharmacy marts in West Hollywood to serve customers better with faster deliveries.

Founded in 2018, Robomart is an innovative concept that strives to serve customers with fast deliveries. Robomart is the world’s first store-hailing service that lets a store come to you and finish shopping right at your doorstep. Robomart has collaborated with REEF, Florida-based mobility, and logistics hub operator, to manage its stocking, tagging, and scanning activities. Robomart currently has drivers, but they have plans to go driverless when the regulations permit. Robomart has completed a six-month pilot program before its official launch.

Robomart is an automated mobile market which allows user to hail the Robomart with an app after choosing the type of mart. The mart arrives at your doorstep within 10 minutes after user confirmation. Users can then automatically open the door of the mart by swiping on the app. The user can handpick their desired items directly from the Robomart without swiping or scanning their card. Robomart’s system uses cameras and sensors to track the products, and the user can get the receipt on their app.

Robomart differs from conventional delivery systems by allowing the shop to come to your doorstep and quickening your product delivery process. It currently has two models- a snack mart and a pharmacy mart. A snack mart offers products, such as candy bars, soda, and chips, and the pharmacy mart delivers products such as ibuprofen, Sanitizers, and more. Each mart carries 500 packages of 50 items. The app allows you to see the entire list of products, and it currently operates in west Hollywood.

Robomart’s Grocery mart is in the developmental stage, which will deliver groceries and fresh vegetables, and frozen items. Robomart also has plans to expand its marts for cafe, Deli, and pantry services. Robomart operates from 6-11 pm daily and, it would offer an entirely automated and contactless experience.