Leaning over your hands and knees in the sun to clean your deck can be challenging and time-consuming. RoboDeck is trying to reinvent the maintenance of decks by cleaning all the dirt and dust from your decks.

The idea originated from Gal Frenkel when he sought to restore the annual maintenance of his house’s sizeable wooden deck all on his own. The tiresome and repetitive nature of the task and his interest in technology sought a better, automated method to protect and restore his deck.

With no such product or service in the market and looking at the size of the outdoor deck-maintenance industry, he formed a brainstorming team to demonstrate why such a product is necessary. The group failed to prove, but he was confident that he was onto something worthwhile.

Despite the hardships of the startup rollercoaster, Gal, with co-founders Ran Zaslavsky and Noam Rand, came up with RoboDeck.

While the robot vacuum industry focuses on creating powerful indoor machines like the iRobot Roomba j7+ and Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+, team RoboDeck chose to be outdoors to make an autonomous robot that cleans decks of every shape and size.

When we have robots to mop and clean the floors, why not robots for deck cleanliness,

said the co-founder and CEO of RoboDeck, Mr. Gal Frenkel.

RoboDeck is a highly economical preventive maintenance robot with cleaning and routing technologies instead of costly, manual restoration. The autonomous robot cleanses and renews the damaged stain every few weeks, maintaining the deck in good condition throughout the year.

Features of RoboDeck

Proprietary Air-Spraying Technology

The team has developed an air-sprinkling technology to ensure the preventive maintenance method to achieve a fraction of the ordinary stain volume at a consumer-friendly cost. Through such innovation, the system eliminated the necessity to clean the stain from the robotic system post every operation.

The spraying system comes with two separate patents. It is proficient in applying a thin 20-micron layer from only 4 inches, keeping the robot compact and locomotive with the help of a disposable patented stain cartridge to remove the need to cleanse and maintain the robot itself.

Mapping and Navigation System

RoboDeck is equipped with vision-based algorithms and harnessed an Nvidia GPU and Neural Networks that help to identify and browse through the deck landscape. It offers the users a comprehensive and accurate navigation system essential when applying stain to the deck surface.

Furthermore, the robot is furnished with multiple sensors and a patented Gap Sensor that identifies those gaps between the deck boards and can distinguish between a cliff where it needs to stop and a gap where the robot has to go.

Hassle-free Operation

You may not clear things off the deck for the RoboDeck to function, as the robot can navigate under and around most furniture. The robot uses real-time embedded systems along with sensing and power system management.

Smooth & Regular Deck Maintenance

Regular deck maintenance service often deteriorates after months, which leaves the deck looking untidy until the next pricey maintenance service.

RoboDeck offers preventive maintenance every few weeks, which keeps the deck’s look fresh at all times.

Easy Control via App

RoboDeck can be operated, controlled, and connected to the cloud using a mobile app.

You can start-stop, order a brief or full clean, schedule maintenance, check battery level, monitor the robot’s stain level, get multi-deck support, and follow the progress of an operation in real-time, all from your mobile phone.

Environment Friendly

RoboDeck operates on a water-based eco-friendly staining agent for its functioning. Due to RoboDeck’s superior maintenance quality, the deck’s longevity increases by up to 100%, eliminating the need to buy new wood from the forest.

RoboDeck Price

Traditional deck cleaning and deck care are pretty expensive, time-consuming, and tedious too.

RoboDeck is a budget-friendly subscription service that includes easy-to-use deck care and a continuous supply of custom-formulated staining agent cartridges.

Currently, RoboDeck is in the late prototype stage, which has raised around $500,000 via SOSV’s HAX. It is also competing with 20 companies for TechCrunch’s Disrupt Startup Battlefield, hoping to go home with $100,000 and the Disrupt Cup.

You can join the waitlist to experience RoboDeck’s breakthrough deck cleaning robot and participate in the international autonomous robotics movement.