BeBot is a beach cleaning robot introduced by 4ocean, engineered by robotic experts, and assembled by Poralu Marine, a renowned marine-grade aluminum product manufacturer.

We all love beaches. Clean beaches.

Every year over 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean. And currently, there are over 5.35 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean.

This plastic waste threatens food safety and quality, human health, coastal tourism, climatic changes and has been a significant threat to marine life. Volunteers and beach cleaning workers can’t pick up every bit of plastic from the beaches. Manual sifters are less efficient, and heavy equipment like tractors destroys flora and fauna in the sand and triggers erosion. The left-out debris will pollute the beaches forever.

Marine bots like the JellyFishBot and ClearBot clean up ocean trash to make the water clean. However, 4ocean has decided to create a robot that can find and pick trash even before entering the water and give beach lovers a more hygienic experience.

Unlike the BeachBot that picks cigarette butts, the BeBot is not an autonomous robot that uses artificial intelligence to locate the trash.

Despite the families that visit the beaches every day, sea turtles and other marine animals also navigate across the beaches, making autonomous vehicles unsafe. So, keeping safety in mind, this robot has been designed to operate using a remote control.

Its built-in sifter sorts out garbage and plastic, leaving the sand clean. Like the tanks, it has a propulsion system fixed to it, which helps it glide over the sand effortlessly without making any noise while cleaning the beach.

The BeBot does not emit any gas or harmful liquids, making it eco-friendly as it runs on a battery that is powered by an attached solar panel.

This remote-controlled robot can be operated 300 meters away and silently clean up to 3,000m² of beach per hour, equal to seven basketball courts. It can collect plastic wastes as small as one cm² and operate at depths of up to 10 cm. The BeBot can sift through sand to pick up small items that usually get covered in the sand and go unnoticed, like cigarette butts, bottle caps, and plastic pieces. Also, the robot can be used to level fields and lift heavyweights like beach chairs.

It also has an emergency shut-off button, led lights, and sound alarm for safety purposes.

About 30 BeBot robots have been created to remove trash and debris from hotels, municipalities, natural reserves, and sports fields. As a trial, BeBot is deployed to clean beaches in Florida and will be extended to operate in Hawaii and the island of Oahu shortly.