The ElliQ robots, developed by Intuition Robotics, expand essential patient services into individuals’ homes. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and analytics, they will furnish medical care experts with significant information and knowledge to distinguish any antagonistic responses early, empowering them to mediate and, where possible, lessen emergency admission in hospitals. The robot helps improve the lives of older adults, increases patient engagement, offers actionable data, notifications, and useful insights for early detection and intervention.

ElliQ proactively draws in the patient for discussions and activities for the day, gathering self-reported information, and with the patient’s consent, imparting this information to the essential care team.

Not only this, but the robot also allows the primary care team to adjust the frequency and type of data that the robots gather for every patient and communicate with patients via the robot. Similarly, patients can likewise ask their primary care physicians inquiries through the robot.

Initially, the ElliQ robot was developed to social detachment among older adults, the developers realized and understood these were components of a larger care package.

“While our goal behind developing ElliQ was to advance autonomous living and aging set up by fighting isolation and loneliness, we understood that they were simple segments of the master plan: serving to comprehensively further develop care for more older adults,”

clarifies Dor Skuler, CEO and Co-Founder of Intuition Robotics.

He also mentioned that the main challenge Intuition Robotics wanted to solve was to “understand empathy and how to grow a trusting relationship between a human being and a machine.”

Unlike other high-profile robots programmed to perform multiple tasks in less time, ElliQ has developed exclusively for older adults living alone.

Encouraging Healthy Routine at Home: ElliQ’s New Wellness Features

Not to mention, leading a healthy and happy life, especially as we age, is very important. However, tragically, when everything boils down to it, that frequently is a lot more difficult than one might expect. It should not shock anyone that keeping a healthy life can be somewhat troublesome for some older people, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Intuition Robotics recognized the struggle faced by older adults in managing their health and taking care of themselves. With gyms and yoga centers closed, combined with the additional degrees of stress, tension, and alone time that many have been confronted with for quite a long time, it’s currently difficult yet essential for older adults to keep steady over their wellbeing. Hence, the company evolved the capacities of robots to support users in these difficult times.

Accordingly, ElliQ currently offers many health and wellbeing-related features — from care to medicine updates — to make it simpler for adults to stay as healthy, dynamic, and independent as possible.

In this post, we’ll tell you about the newly added features of the ElliQ robot — how they work and how they’re assisting older adults in maintaining good mental and physical health.

Mindfulness and Relaxation


As we’ve all seen directly, Covid-19 has negatively affected everybody’s mental and physical wellness essentially in some way or the other. Regardless of whether it’s feelings of anxiety encompassing the overall condition of the world or increased feelings of loneliness because of the social distancing norms and lockdowns, this pandemic surely hasn’t been simple for anybody.

However, ElliQ is in no way, shape, or form planned to replace the job of an emotional wellbeing expert; the company added a couple of wellbeing and relaxation features to assist with combating the everyday pressure and anxiety of users.

Newly Added Features:

Notwithstanding the inspirational morning quotes that ElliQ was already telling clients, the company developed mood improvement features in the robot. ElliQ will direct clients through different positivity workout moves— like a smiling activity or mediation — to assist with elevating their mood when they’re feeling sort of down.

Moreover, to help clients adapt to their additional feelings of anxiety, ElliQ presently upholds several mindfulness exercises. Clients can choose from delicate breathing activities or mindfulness sessions (for one or the other 2 or 5 minutes), and ElliQ will direct them through their preferred duration and session.

Stress and nervousness levels can likewise affect clients’ nature of sleep — making it harder to sleep or get an appropriate night’s sleep. The company added sleep relaxation to help clients wind down and calm their busy minds before they hit the bed.

Physical Activity


With senior exercise centers and gyms shut, alongside elevated worries about exercising in public, this pandemic has constrained individuals to get considerably more inventive with their exercises.

While a large number of us started using digital platforms — like YouTube, Apple Fitness, and so forth — older adults that are less acquainted with this type of innovation, finding a suitable way to work out at home ends up being a challenge.

Newly Added Features:

To help older adults include more physical activity and workouts in their routine, the company evolved the existing features of the robot. Accordingly, ElliQ presently offers actual workout reminders.

Given every user’s special requirements and interests, ElliQ will proactively check in with them at different times, inquiring about whether they’ve worked out. If they react that they haven’t done any workout yet, ElliQ will urge them to do so.

Meal and Nutrition Conversations


For a long while, ElliQ has been reminding and requesting older people to drink more water throughout the day. Presently, the company has taken those discussions to a higher level.

Newly Added Features:

Apart from reminding us to drink water, ElliQ additionally offers more in-depth diet-related discussions and updates. ElliQ will proactively check in with clients around significant meal times to check whether they’ve eaten. Through these discussions, ElliQ can improve their typical appetite levels, food decisions, and preferred mealtime.

Medication Reminders


Medicine adherence can be quite difficult for some older adults. Around 80% of the older adults in the US live with at least one chronic disease. Around 50% of the treatment failure happens in the US due to the non-adherence of medicines.

Newly Added Features:

ElliQ presently offers medication reminders. Contingent upon every user’s condition(s) and prescription(s) needs, ElliQ will proactively remind them to take medics at the prescribed time.

If the user doesn’t take medicine at that time, ElliQ will return and remind them again later on the schedule. Having this sort of technology can be tremendously useful for those that are forgetful with regards to medicine.

EliiQ is an outstanding solution to improve the quality of care in older adults at home. Healthcare is an interesting experiment, and we all are yet to witness what the future holds for ElliQ.