Path Robotics, an Ohio-based Al Robotics company, has announced expansion plans a week after it received $100 M Series C funding led by Tiger Global.

With the main motto of enabling robots to build so humans can create, Path Robotics produced the world’s first autonomous robot manufacturing system. Founded in the year 2014 in Columbus, Path Robotics creates manufacturing robots that can scan, weld, and position the parts without any skilled welders or robot programmers. Autonomous robots can solve manufacturing challenges without any programming required.

The mission of Path Robotics is to transform the ability of local manufacturers to thrive. Path Robotics’ machine learning computer vision systems and artificial intelligence (Al) offer local manufacturers the flexibility and resilience of intelligent industrial robots.

Path Robotics announces plans to expand its headquarters in Columbus, creating 140 new job opportunities. Their hiring for the positions of software development and engineering is underway. With a rapidly growing customer base for robotics, Path Robotics is expanding its production capacity and personnel to meet the demand and requirements for robotics in the market.

“Path Robotics is poised for further major growth. Bolstering our workforce in Columbus enables us to accelerate our innovation and production,”

said Path Robotics CEO, Andrew Lonsberry.

On the 20th of July 2021, Path Robotics producer announced that they received 100 million dollars in pre-emptive series C financing led by Tiger Global.

“Releasing our mission requires a visionary team of partners, and we are pleased to have Tiger Global support,”

said Alex Lonsberry, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

With the struggle to find skilled welders the local manufacturers go through a tough time. To solve this issue and to address this pain point of manufacturers, Path Robotics came up with this welding robot. The robot can take on the most difficult welding tasks and complete them with a push of a single button, allowing the skilled welders to focus on the most creative work that requires their attention.

Path Robotics’ innovative approach to Al software and computer vision shows the robots to sense the task, understand it and adapt to the challenge that is put forth, and complete each of the unique welding projects successfully.