Skyline Robotics is a startup worth our attention in 2021 that is leading in a new era of automated robots with the window cleaning industry. Skyline Robotics has developed a new window cleaning robot called Ozmo.

Since the industry’s inception, window cleaning has remained unchanged. Buildings have grown substantially in height and window surface area over the previous century, allowing occupants to appreciate the natural beauty around them. However, washing these windows while hanging hundreds of feet in the air poses a significant risk to employees and the general public.

The world’s first high-rise window cleaner, Ozmo, is Skyline Robotics’ key product. Like Autonopia robot cleaner, Ozmo blends machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision with cutting-edge robots and sensors to give humans a more intelligent, quicker, and safer alternative to cleaning Windows.

Recently, Skyline Robotics announced the appointment of Michael Brown as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Ross Blum was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer to streamline its prime executive leadership team.

Also, the firm announced a $6 million fundraising round headed by Karcher New Ventures, Gefen Capital, and ICONYC. The news comes as the business prepares to launch Ozmo, its first window cleaning robot in North America.

Michael Brown is a senior strategic advisor who is overseeing Skyline’s growth in the US market. Michael has spent his whole 25-year career in business services and distribution, and he was the CEO of two firms with more than $ 400 million in sales, both of which were sold to public companies.

Michael has led businesses with over $5 billion in sales while utilizing proven methodologies to drive development and market expansion through strategic organic growth via company acquisitions, cross-selling, and data analytics.

Ross Bloom is in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations in Israel and the United States. Ross has prior experience working with startups. Before joining Skyline, Ross was the Chief Operating Officer of Quidd, a Sequoia Capital-backed company. He established and supervised cross-functional team strategies to deliver business outcomes and manage all aspects of daily operations.

Ross was the driving force behind the sale of Quidd to Animoca Brands, which was completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. Ross formerly worked as the COO of PingMD, where he oversaw the company’s sale in December 2016.

Michael and Ross have unitedly worked together to add valuable experience to inaugurate the commercialization stage of the company and operations at scale.

The Future of Window Cleaning — OZmo Robot

Ozmo cleans windows without the need for any additional chemicals or cleansers. Its unique water filtration system utilizes reverse-osmosis technology to produce highly pure water, free of pollutants and minerals, which dissolve dust, oil, and stains. This approach keeps your windows fresh and squeaky clean for an extended period.

Ozmo was created to identify and learn all sorts of complex architecture, simultaneously adjusting to changes in the environment. Ozmo learns the façade of every structure, identifying the complexities of complicated design to develop the most effective cleaning route; at the same time, it never misses a spot. Ozmo cleans buildings without requiring any changes or additions to the infrastructure.

Buildings are much more complicated than windows, and they are complex systems that are difficult to comprehend. Ozmo Robot is tailored by Skyline Robotics’ team of engineers and architects to develop inclusive solutions for all sorts of aerial work, from the ground level or great heights.

Final Thoughts

High-rise buildings have been the most common constructions worldwide, and cleaning the windows of such structures needs to be automated, especially for safety reasons. Ozmo is an environment-friendly cleaning robot that can help and save the world and is equally effective and efficient.