Ouster, a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for industries, automotive, smart infrastructure, and industrial needs, has announced that it has signed a Strategic Customer Agreement with Juzhen Data Tech.

Juzhen Data Tech is a technology-based company that focuses on the development of autonomous vehicles, new energy delivery vehicles, and also last mile automated vehicles.

They basically integrate artificial intelligence and industrial capabilities into energy vehicles to provide safe, green, and efficient solutions for urban delivery. An Interesting fact about Juzhen Data Tech is that they are the first autonomous driving technology company that has qualified for National Vehicle Production in China.

Recently, Juzhen Data Tech has chosen Ouster digital lidar for their autonomous electric delivery vehicles. Juzhen Data Tech has decided to use Ouster digital lidar on their two next-generation electric vehicles with a motive to support the autopilot functionality, which is followed by the deployment of fully autonomous delivery vehicles on public roads.

Juzhen Data Tech has launched its first electric delivery vehicle in 2020 November to support the e-commerce logistics market in China. So now, the upgraded version of the vehicle designs will incorporate 1 to 3 point Ouster OS1 sensors for each vehicle. This is for navigation, obstacle avoidance, mapping, and to enable more intelligent transportation systems capable of autonomous delivery between logistics hubs in urban environments. And Ousters have decided to supply up to 1190 digital lidar sensors by 2025 for Juzhen Data Tech.

Gu Zulin, Chief Executive Officer of Juzhen Data, has said that they have chosen to work with Ouster Digital Lidar because of its high resolution. Adding on to that, Ouster is providing reliable perception data for their autonomous vehicles, which is very important while driving on public roads. Also, they believe that they could reduce the costs even more while improving the performance over time because of Ouster’s scalable, digital approach.

Angus Pacala, Ouster’s CEO, also shared his take on this collaboration.

“We are genuinely very excited to partner with Juzhen Data Tech to further realize the benefits of digital lidar for the autonomous delivery market in China. Many major logistics companies are looking to integrate greater levels of automation, whether it be for improved cost, efficiency, or safety. And we are advancing automation across the global supply chain by offering sensors with the best combination of price and performance with a highly scalable manufacturing process.”