OTTO Motors, a number one provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), announced a series of partnerships to increase the availability of OTTO Motors’ line of AMRs to a worldwide audience.

Additionally, OTTO Motors has completed third-party assessments to demonstrate that the company’s products meet or exceed all relevant safety standards in Europe and within the US, including ANSI/RIA R15.08 which they helped define. The company would be demoing their software and AMR fleet at Automatica, which is being held virtually this year from June 22-24.

OTTO Motors provides autonomous material handling in production facilities and warehouses and is the technology behind several major AMR implementations in North America. Rather than pushing carts or driving forklifts, OTTO’s AMR product line autonomously delivers materials safely.

Romias Robotics (Netherlands), DesignPro Automation (Ireland), Bastian Solutions (Global), Altech (Japan), ADDE (Australia), CR Automation (New Zealand), and Pulse Integration (North America) are some of the new partners who joined OTTO’s existing partner network.

OTTO Motors Chief Revenue Officer Rick Baker, says that the process-first approach to automated material handling is what keeps them apart from the rest of the contenders. It is how they are able to achieve facility-scale transformation and how intentional they are about growth.

They have partnered with the experts and tech leaders to help customers automate a wide range of workflows in their facilities and their regional presence to offer best-in-class support.

He added that “Seventy percent of our customers are Global 500. We’re proud today to announce global coverage and safety compliance worldwide.

Otto Motors offers autonomous robots for material handling in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. It has its headquarters in Kitchener, Canada.

OTTO AMRs and charging systems also adhere to other safety standards, including ANSI/RIA R15.08-1 (2020), ISO 13849-1 (2015), ISO 12100 (2010), ANSI B56.5 (2019), IEC 60204-1 (2018), and several others.