It is 2022, and electric vehicles are all the rage around the world. And so is the Nimbus; it is a compact EV that allows you to slide through the traffic swiftly. The major motto in developing such a vehicle was to combine the cost and convenience of a bike with the safety and comfort of a car, which Nimbus has ventured successfully.

Nimbus Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle

Nimbus, the Michigan-based electric vehicle startup, recently came out of stealth with its prototype for the Nimbus One, a tiny, three-wheeled EV. Here are how it looks and its magnificent specifications. 

Extraordinary Features of the Nimbus 

Below is a list of characteristics that make Nimbus a great investment in terms of an automobile. 

  1. Structure: The skinny, pod-like vehicle is just 2.75 feet wide and 7.5 feet long, which is three to five times smaller than a compact car. This makes it better to park and navigate busy urban streets. 
  2. Sittings: The EV has a room behind the driver’s seat for another passenger or to store things like groceries, luggage, etc. The backseat of Nimbus is also supposed to have ISOFIX points for baby seats.
  3. Inside Nimbus One: Its minimalist features include a show display screen, Bluetooth-connected audio player, energy home windows, a fast charger for gadgets, heating, and non-obligatory air con. The automobile additionally has a front-collision warning, and more features might be added to the vehicle as and when with over-the-air updates.
  4. Stability: The proprietary tilting technology of Nimbus makes the vehicle tilt, just like motorbikes and scooters. Moreover, it helps keep the vehicle in the center and balanced, even though the sharpest turns.
  5. Nimbus Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle

  6. Speed and Charge: Nimbus One has a 9 kWh battery that can travel up to 93 miles with a charge time of about 1.2 hours on a Level 2 charger or 5.4 hours on household power.
  7. Performance: Nimbus accelerates faster and smoother than others in the market. It can go from 0 to 30 mph in 3 seconds. 
  8. Emissions: Fewer materials for production and no harmful gas emissions mean less pollution, from manufacturing to its final outcome, that is, when the vehicle runs on the street. It is green at every stage, which is a great advantage for us as well as for the mature nature and environment.
  9. Safety: To ensure the protection of the passengers, Nimbus also features a frontal airbag. It also includes safety features that allow your close ones to sleep better at night.
  10. Accessibility: All vehicle functions, such as the door locking system, power windows, and speakers, plus the steering, brakes, and vehicle speed, can be regulated through the central control unit of Nimbus and accessed via API. This makes Nimbus highly compatible with a vehicle-sharing program. In addition, up to four 2.2 kWh, swappable battery packs can be equipped with the vehicle. It will potentially cut overhead costs associated with charging shared fleet cars.
  11. Cost: Pre-orders for the Nimbus One have already started. The vehicle costs around $9,980. The company also intends to offer these vehicles a monthly subscription service for $200. Its cost is less than the gas and insurance of a car, which will encourage people to invest in such environmental- and space-friendly vehicles. 

Future Use and Benefits

Since the cost of living in cities is becoming more and more untenable for people and their increasing consideration towards sustainable energy, Nimbus aims to offer them the perfect blend of both: an affordable, lightweight, convenient electric vehicle that serves their basic needs. 

The compact design of these vehicles is highly appreciated and extremely helpful in urban areas, where there is a lack of space and parking. With a footprint of a motorcycle, you can find parking for Nimbus almost anywhere.