Motional unveils the first look of its all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi, a part of its driverless public ride-hail service, which will start its operation in 2023. Last month, the company opened a new operations facility and started testing the IONIQ 5 in Los Angeles.

The IONIQ 5 is a level 4 autonomous vehicle that can run securely without a driver. It symbolizes merging the two most transformational technologies in mobility, including electrification and autonomy and zeroes tailpipe emissions RoboTaxi. As a result, the fusion of these technologies can improve intelligence, security, and sustainability in transport.

The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi is also the first commercial vehicle of Motional and signifies a key milestone in the company’s road map. In 2023, Motional will start to transport public passengers via a significant partnership with the Lyft ridesharing service.

The Specifications of the IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi

The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi is designed to highlight the innovation behind the autonomous operation with a highly technical approach. The RoboTaxi is equipped with Motional’s well-proven driverless technology, which includes advanced machine learning systems trained on decades of real-world data that will allow vehicles to navigate complex and challenging driving circumstances safely.

The vehicle’s sensor suite is displayed vividly across the exterior, and the RoboTaxi can be easily distinguished from human-driven cars. The RoboTaxi has more than 30 cameras, radars, and lidars. Together, these sensors and radars form a robust 360-degree perception, high-resolution pictures, and ultra-long-range object recognition in various driving scenarios for safe autonomous operation.

The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi’s interiors provide the passengers with a roomy, comfortable environment for working, relaxing, or socializing while driving.

There will also be a suite of driver-focused interfaces inside to let passengers interact naturally with the car on their ride, such as asking the RoboTaxi to make a stop further. The resulting experience will establish a new benchmark for ride-hail without drivers.

The Creation and Development of the IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi

The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi has been built from the primary to completely driver-free vehicle, developed by the Motional and Hyundai Motor Group alliance. Both firms have worked together throughout the development with crucial expertise. Motional has worked towards developing driverless technology, while Hyundai has worked on R&D and international vehicle production.

The ultimate result is a perfect integration of the brain and body of the vehicle, along with the hardware and the autonomy synchronized for highly advanced, safe, and driverless operation.

The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi is built for high-speed charging and long-range driving on the E-GMP group, which enables maximum use of the Motional RoboTaxi fleet. The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi is also equipped with superior safety and reliability and may be scaled worldwide and positioned in a unique way for commercial distribution.

Currently, both companies’ primary focus is passenger safety and comfort, which is evident throughout the vehicle. There are safety backups in every function, including navigation, steering, brakes, and power, to ensure a safe and smooth journey every time.

If they encounter an uncommon route circumstance, such as road construction or flooding, Motional will also provide remote vehicle support (RVA) for the IONIQ 5 RoboTaxis. In this case, a remote Motional operator can connect to the vehicle quickly and lead it to a new path.

Pioneer in Commercial RoboTaxi Services

In March 2020, Motional established a joint venture with the Hyundai Motor Group, the world’s top car manufacturer, and Aptiv, a global leader in advanced safety, electrification, and vehicle connectivity industrial technology, to offer smart mobility solutions. Motional was established to promote the evolution and marketing of the world’s best and safest independent vehicles.

The Motional Team has decades of driverless technological expertise and incomparable experience in commercial RoboTaxi services. The company’s self-driving service in the Lyft network in Las Vegas has transported hundreds of thousands of users to the world’s most established general-level robotic fleet.

Motional enters the next step of its commercial roadmap when it introduces a driverless service on the Lyft network from 2023.

The debut of the IONIQ 5 RoboTaxis created by Motional and Hyundai Motor Group for the first time publicly will be at IAA Mobility in Munich from September 7 to 12.