Mobile Industrial Robots A/S, an autonomous mobile robot manufacturing company, has recently launched autonomous robots for carrying pallets and other large objects around industrial facilities, warehouses, and logistics centers. The Robots are user-friendly, safe and give you a rapid ROI, and have a payback period of less than a year.

The MiR600 and MiR1350 robots are the industry’s most sophisticated and safe autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), enabling businesses to handle internal logistics more efficiently and cost-effectively while freeing up people for higher-value tasks. Both these AMRs are equipped with new drives to achieve extended payload ranges.

Both AMRs have been modified to accommodate the increased payload ranges. The MiR600 replaces the MiR500 and has a payload capacity of 600 kilograms (1322.8 lbs), and MiR1350 replaces the MiR1000 and has a payload capacity of 1350 kg (3000 lbs).

Above all, the AMRs have an IP52 certification, making them more suitable for applications with some dampness or water on the floor.

The MiR600 and MiR1350 robots are designed to execute material handling duties in hazardous industrial situations safely and effectively. The robots perform pick-up, transport, and deliver heavy loads autonomously and efficiently.

Newly added safety features

MiR’s new AMRs are now ISO13694 and ANSI/RIA 15.08 compliant. The software on these robots contains additional capabilities that enable partners and customers to fine-tune the safety zones surrounding the robot, particularly for situations in which the AMR’s top payload extends beyond the MiR AMR base’s basic shape.

The industrial MiR600 and MiR1350 are the first IP52-rated autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in the market capable of tolerating common environmental challenges. The robot’s components are protected and resistant to dust and water splashes, critical in the food-handling sector.

MiR provides a variety of lift-top modules for the MiR600 and MiR1350 to facilitate installation. These top modules enable AMRs to pick up and deliver pallets and carts, allowing seamless integration and scalability across the full value chain.

“Customers who have tested AMRs in their facilities have discovered that they want to move bigger loads and that investing in large fleets for core production requires ever-increasing levels of dependability, safety, and quality,” stated Sren E. Nielsen, president, Mobile Industrial Robots.

He explained that many businesses are already integrating our mobile robots as a cost-effective alternative to forklifts, which can be costly for staff and unsafe to operate.

“The simplified conveyance afforded by AMRs enables staff to focus on more value-creating activities and manufacturing processes, while also increasing shop floor safety.”

The MiR600 and MiR1350 are excellent for moving large items and products autonomously in the following locations:

  • Bays for loading
  • Construction sites
  • Facilities for manufacturing and assembly
  • Warehouses
  • Material distribution areas 

 Sensors, three-dimensional cameras, and the most advanced laser scanning technologies in these autonomous mobile robots provide a 360-degree vision for accurate and safe navigation and operation.

The robots are equipped with industrial-grade components, easy to maintain and operate. MiR now has seven AMR products having different load levels, from the lightest weight to the heaviest, and the capability to meet full scenarios of multi-industry production lines.

The newly launched robots comply with the highest security standards, making them superior to the existing AMRs in the market.