MHS, a leading provider to top logic industries, has launched a dedicated robotic division to offer market-ready Robotic solutions to Electronic commerce and Logistics Industries.

Material Handling system Inc., commonly known as MHS, is a Kentucky-based Industrial Automation. Their specialties include Material Handling, sortation, and mechanical and electrical engineering. They work on integrating best-in-class products and outstanding delivery capabilities into seamless solutions.

MHS has launched a separate study and development for robotics. MHS Robotics can generate high-level technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, simulations, 3D cameras, and end-of-arm tooling. They are also working with various robotic suppliers and Louis Automation and Robotics Institute to deploy its highly effective Robotic solutions.

The Industrial Robots market seems to reach 75.3 billion by 2026. Few recent examples would be FANUC completing production of 750000 robots and Geek+ selling 20000 AMRs.

Dean Terrell, senior vice president, research and development, MHS, said that they have a team of problem solvers, creators, and innovators with the expertise to engineer automated solutions for solving real-world logistics challenges. Their agile approach would accelerate the pace of development. He also said that their customers could be confident that their robotics solutions would integrate seamlessly, just like their other traditional automated systems.

MHS Robotics is currently designing picker robots for increasing warehouse efficiency. It has robotic technologies robot technologies for efficient picking. It can solve complex tasks in warehouses. It offers AMR solutions such as non-conveyable AMR, Detachable cart, Robotic arm integrated on AMR, Conveyor supplements with AMR to assist in warehouses. MHS functions include order fulfillment, loading, and unloading. They focus on parcel services, Distribution and Fulfilment centers, E-commerce, Integrators, and Manufacturers.