MedSmart gains its market share in AI-based autonomous EV technologies with the acquisition of Robotic vehicle manufacturer Milanion.

Medsmart Group Inc., a company that deals with the health sector, has announced its nomination of a new president Mr.Davinder Dogra. They have revealed their new strategic blueprint of acquisition of the Milanion, a Robotic company to expand their vision with automated technologies.

The Goal of the new president is to grasp Milanion’s functions on the design, development, and manufacture of autonomous technology systems that powerfully influence defense, civil defense, security, fire and rescue, mining, agriculture, and other commercial markets sectors and to expand their growth plan of sales and acquisition.

With its global presence, Milanion’s acquisition would benefit the company to accomplish significant market share through Milanion’s development of innovative AI-based autonomous and electric vehicle technologies and an expanding sales pipeline of public and private entity customers, and as an existing workload for technology system development, as well as regular joint technology and requests for payload collaboration. The business would focus on identifying and adopting best-of-breed technologies for enhancing its current offerings and expanding its product section further.

Medsmart Group Inc, Deals with the health sector. It primarily focuses on Men’s health issues. It has its headquarters in Surfside, California. Milanion is a leading robotic company that develops automation technology for space and defense. The land forces of a major Middle East/North Africa (“MENA”) region country acquired its flagship AGEMA unmanned ground vehicle (“UGV”), as well as its Unmanned Surface Vessel (“USV”) system adopted by a NATO country.

The Countries will continue to invest more in autonomous warfare technologies for the upcoming decades. Mr.Dogra looks forward to building a strategic team in the United States to expand its market serviceability further. Since the global robotics and autonomous market is ever going, This acquisition will highly benefit the company.

Source: Yahoo