Clockwork claims that it created the first manicure robot that can paint nails. The San Francisco-based startup uses smart automation to create robots to free people from daily mundane tasks.

Clockwork Minicure, as they call it, became viral after a Tik Tok video posted by Elissa Maercklein with the caption “living in the future.” Interestingly, the first look of the nail painting robot felt like a coffee machine, but it worked like a 3D printer.

This robot can paint your nails in less than 10 minutes at a highly competitive price of $7.99.

The company has two manicure robots working in their lab, ready to paint your nails based on prior online appointments.

The robot paints your nails at the moment and is available to service for 13+ only. Remember to remove your old painting by yourself.

I think the nail painting robot is a brilliant idea. You won’t feel like killing a lot of time doing your nails.

The name hints it might cut and shape your nails in the future.

Is there anyone who wishes to try the manicure robot nail painting in San Francisco? Please share your experience in the comments.