Labour shortage is an ongoing problem in warehouses despite the constant demand in e-commerce. The future of warehouses would include humans and robots as a combined workforce. However, neither all humans nor robots are fully ready to be a part of the new system.

Lucas Systems is a company that combats the above issue by providing optimized software solutions. The company has announced its partnership with Fetch Robotics to optimize the latter’s warehouses and create a harmonious workplace for workers and robots.

The partnership announcement comes after the acquisition of Fetch Robotics by Zebra Technologies recently. The united solution from Fetch Robotics and Lucas Systems would help manage the labor deficit issues in warehouses. By this solution, Workers can avoid redundant walking and optimize the time by focusing on high-priority tasks since the AMR-s Would handle the transferring and unloading of items.

Ken Ramoutar, the Chief Marketing Officer of Lucas System, believes that the future of warehouses will be a mash-up of humans, robots, machines, and all systems working together. Optimizing each of these elements for perfect coordination will gain us an edge in the overall performance.

According to Stefan Nusser, Chief Product Officer at Fetch Robotics, the combination of Lucas’ AI-based warehouse optimization software and Fetch’s wide range of AMRs will enable efficient order in a warehouse facility. Automating every material movement in the facility will help warehouses handle the impact of labor shortages.

Lucas Systems is a US-based company that provides the solution to the warehouse to upgrade its marketing dynamics. Fetch Robotics has its headquarters in silicon valley. Its Autonomous mobile Robots are deployed for optimized picking in warehouses. Lucas systems have observed the need for improved efficiency in warehouses, and this combination of Fetch Robotics and Lucas systems appears to improve overall efficiency in warehouses.