Kickstart your robotic dream from AgileX Robotics. AgileX, the experts of mobile robots, has recently announced the launch of LIMO, a ROS-based multi-model car with open-source software and four steering modes, which is the perfect choice for ROS beginners and advanced programmers.

AgileX robotics was founded in 2016, a mobile robot chassis and customized driving solution provider. They are currently building the best robot development platforms for all Industrial Researchers, Corporations, and Education to simplify the R and D process and quickly develop and verify their artificial intelligence (Al) robot projects in all industries.

They have deployed more than 1000 applications for their customers globally in various industrial purposes, including Geographic surveying industries, autonomous driving, academic research, agricultural management, etc.

LIMO is the world’s first multi-model mobile robot with an artificial intelligence module. It is a portable and incredibly versatile multifunctional robotic platform for beginners which advanced programmers can also use.

LIMO uses the modular programming languages ROS 1 and ROS 2 to achieve its functional purposes, including obstacle avoidance, simultaneous localization, mapping (SLAM), autonomous path planning and navigation, and object detection for Artificial Intelligence robots and other unnamed driving applications as well.

It has four steering modes:

  1. Tracked steering
  2. Omni wheel steering
  3. Four-wheel differential steering
  4. Ackermann steering

The best part is that within 3 minutes, you can switch between one mode to the other and meet the requirements for different environments, including outdoor and indoor scenarios.

Tracked steering mode can use extensive contact with the ground and adjust the steering speed of the left and right sides for multiple surfaces. Omni wheel steering can understand translation and can rotate in any direction, including zero radius rotation, S-Shaped travel, horizontal and even irregular spaces at any provided angle.

The four-wheel differential steering can tackle any complex terrain and drive on any surface from very smooth concrete to sandy and rough roads.

Ackermann steering is quite similar to automobile steering. It turns the inner and outer wheels at the appropriate angle for more stable steering, which can also be customized based on the user’s speed. One can switch from one mode to the other by pulling up the red button.

It has an Intel camera to measure the distance from the objects, and with its Real sense infrared camera, it can work in the dark. Its other incredible features include:

  • 360 ° Scanning LiDAR.
  • A 7-inch touch display screen.
  • A voice module with a built-in microphone and speaker.

It helps learn robotics for beginners and is a great educational tool for advanced users.

LIMO is also equipped with many USB ports, which Nano and Nvidia Jetson power. You can also customize it based on your needs and preferences with other hardware. It can be connected to open-source ROS 1 and ROS 2, which are OS packages programming demo and simulation powered by the Gazebo are supported as well.

So with these features, LIMO can achieve SLAM and V-SLAM mapping, precise self-localization, autonomous obstacle avoidance, route planning, traffic light recognition, and reverse parking.

Jidong Wei, the CEO of AgileX, shared his views about the same. “In Agile Robotics, Our vision is to enable all industries and individuals with the ability to improve productivity and efficiency through robot technology. LIMO is a powerful and easy-to-use mobile robotic platform that is perfect for learning ROS, completing tasks for business and education purposes, and beginning a journey in the exciting world of robotics. We designed LIMO to be easy to use with an intuitive programming method, and we believe that it’s the best way to get started with robotic AI.”