Surrey Public Library, operating in British Columbia, Canada, which serves nearly 5,16,000 population, is now offering Robot kits called “Dash” to children to support their learning experience with coding.

Wonder Workshop, which has its headquarters in California, has introduced two educational robots called Bo and Yana in 2013, Which were quickly renamed Dash and Dot. Wonder Workshop intends to spark creativity and enrich kids with coding knowledge along with a fun experience.

Educational Robots can be helpful to power up creativity in children. It can help them master their communication skills. It can boost them up by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

The educational Robot market has reached USD 1.3 billion in 2021. Earlier, Pepper Robot developed by Softbank Robotics was employed to assist autistic pupils in Somerset school. Similarly, Volkswagen launched the champ robot to cheer up the young soccer fans.

Surrey libraries, which have over ten branches in Canada, has deployed over 90 Dash robots kits, and it is lending them to children to enrich their coding learning. Each Robot kit contains 1 Dash robot and a charging cable, a bulldozer bar and a tow hook, Two bunny ears and a bunny tail, and one pack of challenge cards.

You will need two apps – Go for Dash & Dot Robots app and the Blockly for Dash & Dot Robots app to operate these robots. One can download the two free apps in this play store and activate the dash robot with the help of Bluetooth. With the help of the Go for dash and dot app, you can control the light sensors of the dash robot. By using the Blockly app, you can learn coding in a fun way. It takes 90 minutes to charge a dash robot, and one charge will last up to 3 hours.

Dash robots can sing, play, and offer a fun learning experience. You don’t need to have prior coding knowledge to play with the dash. One can rent the robots using surrey library cards. Already 600 people were on the waitlist to play with dash robots. While the program suits best for kids, Anyone can rent it. One can lend these robots for up to three weeks.