KettyBot is a new intelligent robot created by Pudu Robotics. It is the first hybrid of a receptionist and a delivery robot. KettyBot can display ads, has a collection capacity, and uses customer-friendly artificial intelligence technology. The KettyBot simplifies your work and makes your location more worthwhile.

Pudu Robotics is an international high technology company devoted to designing, researching, developing, and selling commercial robots. The robotics company was founded in 2016, and its headquarters are in Shenzhen, China. Pudu Robotics has produced high-quality delivery robots and disinfection robots widely utilized in hospitals, restaurants, business buildings, schools, government buildings, underground stations, waiting facilities, etc.

According to the World Economic Forum, online shopping and robot deliveries have been the top 10 technology trends during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The SARS pandemic in China in 2002 led to an enormous expansion of both the internet marketplace for businesses and consumers. Similarly, COVID-19 has made shopping online an essential requirement worldwide. Some bars in Beijing continue to offer happy hours via online food orders and delivery.

So, for online shopping to go smoothly, there is a need for a robust logistics system. Also, the demand for contactless delivery is rising. Many delivery companies and restaurants in China and the United States have implemented contactless delivery robots, that pick and drop items at a defined location instead of in-person delivery. Big Chinese E-commerce platforms are also leveling up the development of robot deliveries. But before robot delivery, suppliers required specific standards to ensure that the sanitary conditions for supplied commodities are safeguarded.

Features of the KettyBot:

Compact Design for Enhanced Readiness

The simple design concept of Pudu Technology continues with KettyBot. The compact size and forward-leaning C-shaped body enable the robot to pass only 55cm, making it a perfect choice in complex and busy areas. The dimensions of the machine are 460 × 440 × 1120 mm. The KettyBot weighs 35 kg, and its holding capacity is 30 kg.

Advertising on the wheels

The centralized ad display adapts flawlessly to the viewpoint of the buyer. The ad screen is designed to show promotional information in the customized space, offering a more attractive marketing technique. The dimension of the ad display bar is 18.5″.

Unique Way to Influence Customers

KettyBot smartly welcomes and communicates with its clients by waking up its screen with the help of AI voice interaction. A charming and intelligent KettyBot would attract more attention than the standard approach. The latest voice interaction module combines 360° sound localization, exclusive situational dialogues with extraordinary echo cancellation, reverberation elimination, and noise suppression technology.

All-time Support

The removable rear cover of KettyBot highlights a minimalist and smooth design that makes it more compact. The robot can direct consumers in the best possible manner through autonomous route mapping, enhancing customer experience, and reducing waiter workload.

KettyBot – Multi-table Delivery

KettyBot can instantly switch between removable trays and its removable rear cover. Multiple tables can be served with precise positioning and promising path planning at one time.

Return Plates Mode

The KettyBot is equipped with a collection container where it collects leftovers and plates at the time of delivery and returns them automatically to the dishwasher room to improve service efficiency.

Cruise Mode

KettyBot can cruise in distinct areas to offer complimentary snacks and drinks, accompanied by advertising about various services and promotions. The maximum cruise speed is 1.2 m/s.

Automated Navigation Planning

Laser and visual double navigation technology enable the precise detection of obstacles to make the robot more stable and reliable.

Multi-robot Facility for Higher Efficiency

The KettyBot is powered by the PUDU Scheduler system, which helps it communicate with other robots in its range and network.

KettyBot – Auto-charging Function

KettyBot gives a voice alert and a UI message notification automatically when the battery is down and returns immediately to the docking station. It ensures that the machine works 24 x 7.

KettyBot- Multiple color schemes

The KettyBot comes in two color variants: Beige Yellow, and Salt White.

Additional Purchases include the rear cover and the docking station.

Earlier, Pudu Robotics won one of the world’s most prestigious awards in the design industry, the German Red Dot Award 2017 ″Best of the Best.”

COVID 19 gives the world a sense of how much we depend on human interactions to make things operate and function properly. The worst affected are the labor-intensive enterprises such as retail, food, production, and logistics. COVID 19 has been a significant driver of robotic utilization and development.

Robots have been utilized in recent times to sanitize rooms and deliver quarantine food. While some reports forecast that in the future, many production jobs will be overtaken by robots, and at the same moment, new jobs will be created. COVID 19 has proved that digital readiness makes business and life continue as usual as much as feasible during a pandemic.

To remain competitive in any company or country after COVID 19, building the necessary infrastructure to sustain the digitalized world and staying up to date with the latest technologies will be essential with an advanced and inclusive approach to technology management.

KettyBot will serve the purpose of contactless deliveries with advanced technology. The machine will assist in deliveries as well as play the role of a receptionist, which is excellent!

It’s not the only robot from Pudu Robotics that helps in deliveries. Some of the delivery robots from Pudu Robotics include BellaBot, PuduBot, and HolaBot. Pudu Robotics has been providing several solutions to combat the negative impact of COVID 19. It has also introduced two more robots that disinfect and sanitize rooms called Puductor and Puductor 2.

In 2020, Pudu Robotics supported more than 100 hospitals with its delivery robot PuduBot to fight against the coronavirus with premium technology. Pudu Robotics raised above $ 150 million in series B financing from Meituan. Also, it raised nearly $ 15 Million in Series B+ Financing in August that was led by Sequoia Capital China.