InViaRobotics has raised $30M in Series C funding led by Microsoft and Qualcomm that will be used to scale up the features of its Autonomous Robots.

Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Hitachi have led the C stage of funding. Invia Robotics has announced that it will allocate the new equity funds to improve its operation further. It plans to adopt Qualcomm’s Robotic R5 platform and utilize AI expertise from Hitachi and Microsoft. Qualcomm’s Robotic R5 platform is the world’s first platform to support AI acceleration and 5G.

Its Founder and CEO Lior Elazary said that it is critical for e-commerce companies  to implement warehouse automation while competing with industrial giants like Amazon. However the overhead cost can be crippling while purchasing a fleet of robots to improve smaller warehouse efficiency.

According to the statistics, the total number of warehouse robots is expected to reach 938,000 units annually by 2022. Industry robots are used to support the warehouse in picking goods. Invia robots come as robots as a service model, allowing the user to only pay for their services, eliminating the cost of ownership.

It comes with a self-charging feature and its tool called pick mate can guide the workers in the warehouses. The investments in automation sectors have been increasing since the pandemic in the United States.

Invia Robotics is an industrial robotics company. It has its headquarters in WestLake Village. Invia system deals with an automation system, AI-powered software, and picker robots. Invia’s picker robots can work round the clock with more precision. Locus, Berkshire Grey, and 6 River systems are some of the top competitors of Invia Robotics. Invia Robotics has raised $59 million to date after the funding. It has won the 2020 New product innovation award.

Source: VB