Not many days after the announcement of Amazon’s safety robots, Hyundai has announced its plans on mobility for humanity.

An official statement from Hyundai Motor Corporation has confirmed that it has acquired Boston Dynamics by purchasing an 80 percent stake in the company from SoftBank for a deal of US$1.1 billion. SoftBank retains the remaining 20 percent via its affiliate.

The acquisition has created new hopes for Hyundai Motor Group to expand its presence in the smart mobility market. Also, the company has eyed its plan in areas like robot component manufacturing, construction, and logistics solutions by creating a robotic value chain. The acquisition is a follow-up of Hyundai’s many other investments in progressive technologies like artificial intelligence, driverless cars, air mobility, and smart factories.

There would not be many robotic enthusiasts who aren’t aware of Boston Dynamics. For those who don’t know much- Boston Dynamics is a globally renowned mobile robot maker.

Unlike robots that move on guided paths, Boston Dynamics create robots that work in unstructured and dangerous environments. Their robotic stunts have gained attention all over the internet. Not to forget SPOT, their cute dog robot that tries to do as much as a typical dog but with no breaks.