When we were visualizing the future of robots, who knew a B.O.T would become the most famous member of any party?

Picture the scene. You host a fun pool party and invite all your friends. As you’re taking a relaxing sunbath, you wish someone could get you a chilled beer. Well, it won’t be a wish anymore.

This week, Heineken introduced its new B.O.T, a chic acronym for Beer Outdoor Transport. A lovely robot ensuring you don’t have to move a leg to grab a beer will undeniably be the celebrity of the party. We can imagine the paparazzi already!

The Heineken B.O.T comes with a tagline “Wherever you go, Heineken follows.” Wondering how? Well, the beer delivery robot works on an autonomous follow technology and faithfully follows its owner everywhere they go. It has in-built motion sensors, so, no, it won’t follow you to the pool!

The cute mini green robot can hold up to 12 beers at a time and a cargo of ice. So, a cold beer will never be away from you. It has two large front wheels, followed by four smaller rear wheels. The Heineken B.O.T has a charming AI personality, and we won’t deny it! Anybody would be charmed when this smashing robot will come to ask, “Hello, feeling thirsty?”

Are you thinking about making this B.O.T your summer companion? Heineken is giving away one B.O.T on July 1. You must be older than 21 and living in the United States to participate. We know it’s hard-to-get hands on something so exclusive, but this robot giveaway can grab you a chance in the race.