GITAI, a Japanese Space Robotic startup that aims to create space colonies and human settlements on the Moon, has unveiled one of its recent developments – A Lunar Robotic Rover.

The GITAI startup has been created with a vision to develop robots that work in space and reduce the cost of space operations by 100 times.

With the growing demand for lunar exploration in the United States and China, GITAI has recently unveiled a video demonstrating its first prototype, high-speed Lunar Robotic Rover.

We have seen SpaceBok, a quadruped robot that inspires nature for navigation and space exploration. However, the video of GITAI shows the Lunar Robotic Rover performing driving stunts on rough terrains without stumbling or getting struck. It uses 3D mapping technology to identify and learn navigation.

The rover has an attached robotic arm capable of carrying out general exploration tasks like mining, inspection, assembly, etc. The drill head is used to carry out drilling on the ground, and the hand-like attachment to collect samples. The robotic arm swivels to change its end effectors using a tool changer.

Last but not least, the video ends with the Lunar Rover bullying the Spot Robot trained for Mars exploration.

GITAI plans to explore the Lunar surface in 2025 and is confident about improving the Robotic Rover’s performance before the launch.

Also, GITAI is confident about being an equal partner with the world’s leading space launch companies in 2040. The company aims to provide a low-cost workforce that can be utilized on different construction sites on the Moon.