On 2nd July, Geek+ announced that it achieved a milestone by selling over 20,000 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) worldwide. The autonomous mobile robots will fast-track and transform the global supply chain.

An AMR is a robot that comprehends and runs around its surroundings without being directly supervised by a controller. AMRs have a range of advanced sensors, allowing them to understand and perceive the surrounding environment, helping them to do their jobs in the most efficient way. Autonomous Mobile Robots navigate around variable obstacles and fixed obstacles.

In the previous two years, Geek+, the global autonomous mobile robots leader, was able to automate the warehouses of famous brands including Decathlon, Nike, Circle K, Walmart, ASDA, and more. Geek+, with the biggest share in the global AMR market, operates in 30 countries along with offices in Japan, Hong Kong, China, the UK, Germany, the US, and Singapore. nGeek+ is expanding its capabilities through collaborations with local and global integrators. 

Yong Zheng, the founder, and CEO of Geek+, states that the curiosities of many business leaders who have decided to invest in Smart Automation have changed into action worldwide in recent months. The R&D team of Geek+ can develop world-class solutions and offers ultimate opportunities to gather industry know-how for them due to rapid growth. The mission of Geek+ is to improve the administration of our customers and to continue to drive changes through advanced robotics and strong AI

Yong Zheng continues,

We are not just an AMR provider but a long-term automation partner that continuously optimizes the operations of our customers. It is done by strengthening our local service capabilities but also by simply analyzing robots in action and using the data gathered to optimize the algorithm powering our robots. It helps customers overcome logistics bottlenecks and gain short and long-term efficiency improvements, allowing them to grow and expand their business.”

After the excellent establishment of the Goods-to-Person picking robot, Geek+ now offers a broad array of hardware solutions. The extensive product range of Geek+ includes the award-winning Bin-to-Person RoboShuttle, in addition to sorting, moving, and lifting robots.

Currently, Geek+ employs more than 1500 people in various fields like R&D, fully automated manufacturing robot factories, and 3PL services. Geek+ has embraced a comprehensive approach, which continues to help its customers achieve rapid growth and shape the world of logistics with employment options for large-scale experimentation and first-hand experience in diverse logistic challenges.

Geek+ and its Exceptional AI Technology

Founded in 2015, Geek+, a well-known technology company, specializes in smart logistics. Its headquarter is in Beijing, China. Geek+ applies exceptional robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to produce intelligent solutions for warehouse and factory operations. With the growth of e-commerce and demand for flexible and effective goods movement, warehousing and manufacturing operators face complex production and logistical challenges. The speed, product diversification, daily delivery, volume, and safety concerns affect industry sectors like clothing, retail, automobiles, electronics, power, and pharmaceutical companies. Geek+ provides solutions for these logistic concerns. 

The sale of Autonomous Mobile Robots will assist various businesses to work more efficiently and effectively. More and more brands are focusing and shifting towards AI technology. AI is the next revolution, and it is obtaining the attention of various industries like automobile, retail, pharmacy, etc.