FutureGen Robotics has announced that it is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine. To kickstart the production of its SmartMow mower, the firm has asked the public to help them in raising funds. By doing this and by increasing the production of the SmartMow mower, FutureGen will be securing additional capital. This is done to increase the engineering firm’s capacity and also to develop and launch a new portfolio.

The portfolio will include Al-Based products, which, interestingly, will give people their time back by eradicating the most tedious tasks that otherwise would have taken much time to complete.

FutureGen has already launched its high-performance performance robot lawnmower, which joins the list of lawn mower robots that includes autonomous grass mowing robot by Scythe. This robot by FGR uses Artificial intelligence and high-tech sensors to deliver a safe and secure experience to the users.

The SmartMow robots are the easiest to use because they don’t use any buried underground wires like other lawnmowers in the market and the floor robot is fully autonomous as well. Their robots use GPS to track and find the area they have to mow, and you can easily control them with the app.

The lawnmower currently has three patents pending and is also put up for sale by the team. For now, the robot is built to order, but FutureGen is thinking about increasing the production so that they can use the proceeds they receive from the sales to fund their future products and inventions. 

One such innovation and product the team is looking to start is their Floor Bot robotic floor cleaning system. Basically, this robot cleans the dirty floors and saves a lot of time that generally takes a lot of time for humans to do. This robot can be used in gyms, industrial areas, hospitals where cleaned and sanitized areas are really important.

The CEO and Founder of FutureGen, Michael Letsky, says that “at FutureGen Robotics, we are constantly upgrading, forecasting and innovating to develop new products that save people both money and time. And through this start engine campaign, we will be able to boost the production of our SmartMow product and will indeed accelerate research and development of future technologies that will make the lives of the people a lot easier”.

The main motive of FGR is to save people their valuable time and money. And that is why they created robots to take care of the most tedious tasks, including cleaning floors and mowing lawns. Future gen exactly solves this issue where most people generally waste a lot of time. And are providing solutions with their robots which can mow the lawn, clean the dirty floors, transport cargo underwater and even track the equipment.