Big news for Tesla fans! Recently Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced plans for Tesla Bot, a Humanoid Robot that uses the same AI as Tesla’s fleet of self-driving cars.

The introduction of the Robot came after a 90-minute presentation during Tesla’s AI Day event highlighting some of the artificial intelligence enhancements powering Tesla’s electric vehicles, such as the Dojo supercomputer, which helps train cars to drive across public streets without human assistance.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot

So sorry for the dancer disguised as a Tesla Bot, trying to make some Robotic dance moves. Elon himself said that it’s not the Tesla Bot he is trying to create.

Musk unveiled the looks of the Tesla Bot, saying it is a friendly Robot that would perform unsafe, repetitive, or boring tasks. He said that the company intends to construct a Humanoid Robot 5 foot 8 inches tall and may weigh around 125 pounds.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot

Also, he added that the Tesla Bot would be capable of deadlifting 150 pounds and carrying 45 pounds, traveling at only 5 miles per hour. The visuals of the Tesla Bot mentioned that it would include 40 electromechanical actuators distributed 12 in the arms, 2 in the neck, 2 in the torso, 12 in the hands, and 12 in the legs.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot

Furthermore, the Robot’s feet operate on two axis for balancing and give force feedback sensing. The body of the Tesla Bot will be built using undisclosed lightweight materials, and its face will have a display screen that will display useful information to notify and communicate with the user.

Tesla has impressed us with its unique and intriguing technology all the time. They have introduced cars with autopilot, and now, Elon Musk is attempting to take a further leap by unveiling the Humanoid Robot.

However, few found Elon to be over-confident about the Tesla Bot. Especially his remarks about the Tesla cars where he quoted, “Tesla is arguably the world’s biggest Robotics company because our cars are like semi-sentient Robots on wheels.”

He also added that Tesla Bot would be outfitted with Tesla’s Autopilot software and eight cameras to input into the neural network designed for the company’s Self-Driving cars. The neural network is intended to assist a Tesla vehicle in analyzing its environment, identifying routes and images, and deciding what to do when it encounters barriers.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot

Elon Musk and his firms SpaceX and Tesla have challenged the distinction between science fiction and reality several times. However, his cars haven’t failed to grab the attention of the government either. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still investigating its cars as they struggle to identify parked emergency vehicles.

Also, while companies like Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics take enough time to train their Humanoid Robot that can parkour, run, back-flip, and get all the human moves to perfection, the timeline for the Tesla Bot looks overpromising.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla Bot can bring groceries, tools, do tedious tasks, or physically strenuous jobs. The Robot can assist in battling the growing demand for labor after the global coronavirus pandemic.

Responding to a tweet from a user who asked if Tesla Bots will be mass-produced and sent to Mars. Elon responded, “Hopefully.”

Humanoid Robots can be employed in various fields like research, sports, space exploration, education, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, warehousing, and many more.

Let’s hope that Tesla takes the design and idea of the humanoid Robot to the next level and overwhelms us when it unveils its Tesla Bot in 2022.