Deep Robotics has unveiled its all-new Waterproof Industrial Robot Dog – Jueying X20, designed for a flawless performance on complex outdoor terrains. The company focuses on building intelligent quadruped robots and is committed to achieving an efficient future through motion control and Artificial intelligence.

Deep Robotics unveils Jueying X20

They launched their first model of the Jueying series of robots in 2017. The Jueying model gained fame with a single Jueying Robot Dog effectively patrolling a 25,000 square-meter electrical substation. From then on, Jueying Robots are tested in multiple application environments, including security patrol inspection, surveying and exploration, and public rescue.

Jueying X20 is a robust industrial-grade Robot Dog built with user feedback based on real-world applications and a more profound understanding of the constantly changing industrial conditions. It features a higher load capacity with excellent computational power and precise navigational capability compared to the earlier models.

The IP 66 Industry-grade waterproof certification ensures that the Robot can patrol in harsh environments and even on rainy days without causing damage to the system. Check out Xiaomi’s CyberDog, a glossy-looking little cheaper version of the Quadruped Robotic lineup, to view a RobotDog playing in the rain.

According to the Deep Robotics team, the protective version of the Jueying Robot is also the first domestic intelligent four-legged Robot with industrial-grade waterproofing.

When it comes to its size and measurements, the Jueying X20 Robot Dog is 100 cm long, 60 cm high, and 45 cm wide and weighs 50 kgs. It can travel at a maximum speed of 7.4 mph and carry a maximum load of 40kgs. It can move around for more than 2 hours, lifting a 20 kg load, and run up to 4 hours without any load.

Equipped with a depth-sensing camera and a laser radar linked to an intelligent algorithm enables the Robot to avoid obstacles, track human activity and navigate autonomously. It sounds similar to the legged robots trained to walk like humans by the Facebook AI researchers.

Also, the Robot can easily step over an 18 cm high obstacle, climb a 30-degree slope, navigate a stairwell, and adapt to complex environments effortlessly, including sand, snowfields, puddles, gravel roads, and grasslands.

Quadruped Robot Dogs are no new to robotic space. We have seen the SpaceBok that trains to walk in low gravity, and the Spot Robot deployed for Mars exploration. Industrial environments are not human-friendly either. Robots like the Jueying X20 can restrict humans from being exposed to harsh, unsafe environments that cause physical and mental trauma.